Top 6 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

In many ways, being an entrepreneur has never been easier, but that isn’t to say it’s without its challenges. If it wasn’t, everybody would be doing exactly what they wanted to with their lives. However, these days, you have countless resources to benefit from. Aside from books and articles, you also have podcasts. Instead of listening to the radio or music the next time you’re doing your commute or working out, give these podcasts a listen and take a big step toward your dreams.


The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn is living the entrepreneur’s dream. After getting laid off, he released an e-book and immediately made $8,000 his first month. Now, that number is over $150,000. On his podcast, Flynn does a combination of interviews and his own advice to give the listener nearly an hour of free information about both ecommerce and other entrepreneurial topics.

The Tim Ferris Show

Tim Ferris needs no introduction for many people. The author of The 4 Hour Workweek has been all over the place in the last five years or so, released two other books and even has his own TV show now. However, his podcast remains a great resource for entrepreneurs. He’s interviewed everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Anthony Robbins and plenty of other people you may not have heard of, but will still learn from.

This Is Your Life

For most entrepreneurs, their dream will eventually involve hiring employees, which means they’ll all of a sudden be in a leadership role. If you haven’t been a leader before or would just like to refine your skills, This Is Your Life is a great podcast. Michael Hyatt will show you how to lead your employees and your organization into the public sphere.


Learning with Leslie

Whether it’s starting your very first website or trying to find attention in a crowded market, Leslie Samuel is your go-to guy. His podcast has featured everything from inspirational stories to real-world tips you can go out and use today.

Social Triggers Insider

Sales are a tricky thing. They’re 100% vital to your business, obviously. However, the digital world has, paradoxically, made them quite the challenge at times. You can no longer rely on simply being a good salesperson when someone walks in your store. Instead, you should take advice from Derek Halpern on his podcast. His straightforward approach is refreshing compared to the way so many sales gurus tend to talk.

Ambitious Entrepreneur Show

Standing out in the market is just as important as being able to pitch your product. Once again, though, the Internet has made every market more crowded than ever before. If you want to get the attention your company needs, then listen to Annemarie Cross’ Ambitious Entrepreneur Show. You’ll be given all the tips and tools you need to get ahead of competitors with strong marketing.

Although there are a number of resources for becoming a better entrepreneur, few can compare to podcasts. Most people can easily get through a couple a day and, so long as you’re listening to the above shows, you’ll quickly amass a lot of great knowledge.