Is Your Social Media Marketing Hitting the Target?

You’re a social media mogul, at least in practice. You’re talking to fans on Facebook, making the rounds on LinkedIn and creating board after board on Pinterest. There’s no question you’re taking advantage of these powerful tools, but are you using them to your advantage?

Many marketers create social accounts without a clear idea of how to use them, or what they want to accomplish. A social media presence won’t do much for your business unless you understand why you’re on it. If you’re not sure whether your social media strategy is working, ask yourself these essential questions.




Am I Growing My Audience?

One of the reasons companies allocate dollars to social media is because it’s a more affordable way to generate leads than SEO and traditional marketing. The more people that sign on to your social pages, the more successful your campaign.

Many social sites will allow you to place ads in front of key demographics. Facebook might even suggest your page to your target audience. However, those ads will only work if those people actually “like” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. An ad that yields a few dozen new followers doesn’t do much, but one that yields hundreds, or even thousands, can do wonders.


Is My Presence Getting Buzz?

These days, it’s pretty common to add Share buttons to product pages, blogs and other key website pages. It’s also common for people to share their favorite pages with their social networks. Your strategy is working if your pages are among them.

If people haven’t found your ads on social media, they can still find you if some well connected person decides to share one of your pages with their networks. Of course, you can get the ball rolling. For example, next time you publish a new blog, share it on every social site you can think of. The right content can generate more clicks than an ordinary search.


Are My Sales Going Up?

Have you noticed sales picking up since you started using social media? Have those exclusive coupon codes from sites like increased response rates and converted new customers? If so, thank your social media presence for the boost to your bottom line.

Many businesses use social media to entice potential subscribers with exclusive deals and special offers, and many people take advantage of that. But it’s also a low-cost way to announce new product launches, share company news and remind followers how awesome your products and services are.

Social media is supposed to be social, but that social contact has to have a purpose beyond just staying in touch. Your success on social media is based on whether your pages and tactics are attracting the kind of attention and sales you want for your business.