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Find Security Services by Asking the Right Questions

Searching for a reputable security guard service is not without its challenges. The variety of security services available can leave you overwhelmed and confused. Some services may try to offer excellent deals but knowing how to find the best security guard companies requires a little more than promises.

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Hire the wrong service and you face unnecessary frustration. Also, your business will be exposed to threats from security violations. Therefore, you must complete a rigorous evaluation of the services available in order to determine what is right for your business.

Here are questions that will help you identify red flags and find the best security services for your business.

Do They Offer Security Services In Your Area?

Location makes a difference when it comes to security. If a security company has no clientele in your area, they may not be familiar with the issues and challenges you face. This should raise flags. Guards must have a working knowledge of your business’ neighborhood and common issues they might face. 

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Conversely, consider enlisting a security service with more than one location in your area. Additional offices nearby may mean extra guards on call in that locality should any need arise. For example, presume a security service is covering a building right across your street. Their presence means that the additional security will be monitoring your side of the street, too. 

How Are Their Security Service Reviews?

Before you sign a security contract, look for reviews of the company from previous customers. Take some time to read the reviews on their website. Happy customers will share stories of success. Several bad reviews should cause you to think twice. 

Will They Provide Value For Money?

Think twice if the security firm you are considering provides you significantly lower prices than everyone else for the same service. This could be a sign that they have extra costs unaccounted for in their basic contract. For example, some security contracts do not disclose overtime fees that are charged in case of an incident.


Talk to your security service about why their costs are so low. Larger companies may offer lower rates because they dominate the market. Also, they may ultimately pay their guards less. As a result, such guards may not be so loyal to the security of your business or their firm.

Insured And Licensed?

A security company must be licensed and insured to carry out its mandate. In the case of an incident, you must know who will bear the burden of cost for damages. You could face problems if they do not have the proper coverage.

What Is Their Response Rate?

You run your business efficiently. It is only reasonable to expect your security service to do the same. Before you sign any contract, evaluate the security company’s response rate. Do they respond to calls quickly? Is it easy to get a hold of them? Their response rate for business-as-usual will give you a sense of how fast will they react if there’s an incident.

These are all great questions to ask before you sign on a new security company to watch over your business.