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Small Business Loans: Get the Most out of Your Funds

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to expand your business? Want to branch out to a new but complementary business to your original company? Growing a business can be challenging and it also takes time. Thus, if you want to expand or branch out your business, you may need a little help financially. Small business loans may help close your funding gap.

Small Business Loans and You

There are many ways to acquire the finances that you need for business expansion. One way is taking money from investors. However, it would also mean that you are sharing your business with your investors. Some would see this as a good thing but some would see otherwise.

small business loans

If you want to keep the ownership of your business, you might want to consider getting a small business loan. This is a viable plan if the expansion you are planning won’t be too big because according to this Kabbage review, the max loan amount is $150,000 only.

Although the amount might not be as big as you would like, this is a great first step in injecting growth into your business. You only have to maximize the amount and get the most out of it.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the small business loan:

Invest in New equipment with a Small Business Loan

Different businesses use different equipment to make their business run more efficiently and smoothly. Others use computers, some use heavy machinery, while some businesses need custom-made machinery fit for their business.

Whatever the case may be, it is worth it to invest in new equipment to grow your business further. If the equipment can make your products better or it can increase the production of your products, then you should go for it. So take out a loan to do so, if need be.

Making your products bigger and making it in a shorter period of time means you can sell more products. Thus, more sales and more profits.

Buy in Bulk

The best thing about having more money to expend is you can buy more materials in bulk for your inventory. Buying in bulk could mean that you can get materials at a cheaper price per piece compared to buying in small batches. A small business loan could give you this flexibility.

Buying in bulk can also save you in shipping costs and it can mean that you won’t need to order more often. This allows you to save more money and get more profit from a single transaction.

Use Your Loan for Marketing

Investing in a proper and well-defined marketing plan in place for your business is essential for growth. You are able to connect with customers and reach out to potential clients through marketing so it is worth using a loan to invest in that.

small business loans for marketing

These days, there are many ways marketing is done other than the traditional and expensive ones. Although they are effective in attracting customers and clients, it is also important to expand your marketing strategy to include social media, blogging, vlogging, creating your own website and other non-traditional marketing methods.

This is essential to keep up with the times and the changes in the client’s lifestyle. Obviously, with the use of the Internet becoming more prevalent and the fact that people use the Internet daily in their lives, this can be helpful in cultivating more followers and reaching more audiences that can be a potential client.

There are many companies that will be willing to lend their services to help you achieve these goals. You can also opt to hire or outsource these tasks to people who are experts in the field. Whatever is more beneficial and best for your company, it is your choice. To bring about these changes in your business, rely on a small business loan.

Small Business Loans to Help You Maximize Technology

There are many applications that are available in the market that can help you manage your business more effectively without using too many employee hours. These technologies are worth investing in because they help you save and make overseeing and managing your business easier. If need be, take out a small business loan so that you can do this.


There are different applications available for different company needs. For example, if you need a time management app to gauge your employees’ productivity, you can take advantage of team management apps available on the market. If you need help with payroll or finance management, there are a lot of apps for those, too.

Investing in these apps can be very beneficial for your company and you. You can make managing the company less stressful and more efficient and streamlined. You can also lessen the employee hours it takes to complete the mundane tasks and make it more automated.

Loans to Hire More Employees

To see growth in your company, you also need to hire more employees to prepare for growing demands and tasks that need to be addressed. More tasks and clients to entertain means more man-hours needed to get the job done.

Hiring employees to work in the office can be necessary for particular positions. They may cost you more but that is an investment that is worth it. However, you may also need to hire employees to do important but repetitive tasks. And sometimes, these jobs are better off given to outsourcing employees.

Outsourcing can be a better option since you can save in terms of salary and taxes that you need to pay. Outsourcing the job to people from different countries like the Philippines and India saves you more because their basic salary is much lower compared to European or North American countries.

small business loans - hire new employees

There are many websites that connect skilled and knowledgeable individuals to companies that outsource these types of jobs. Examples of these websites are, Upwork, Freelancer and more.

Get a Better Office

Any entrepreneur knows that part of getting more clients is maintaining an image of integrity, professionalism, and dependability. And part of showing that image is through the office that your business establishment occupies.

Imagine telling a client that your office is actually a garage of your mother’s house. What image would your client then have of your company? Or imagine showing your client a cramped and messy office. Do you think that would encourage trust from your client toward your company?


Of course, businesses start small and even some of the biggest companies start in the dorm or at their parents’ garage. However, to expand your business, you also have to improve the image of your company and get a better space for your employees. A loan could help you rent or lease an office space that allows them to work comfortably and efficiently.


Although you might end up with a smaller amount than you would like to supplement and expand your business, you can still do a lot with the money you obtain from a small business loan. You only have to plan and prioritize what you want to spend the money on to get the most of the small business loan you have received.