How to Flip a Website For Profit

If you are looking for a new business venture, an online one for that matter, you should see how you can flip a website and start earning a living.

What Does it Mean to Flip a Website? 

If you are going to flip a website, that means that you are the owner and the website or blog has been built and grown, and now you are ready to sell (give up your ownership rights) to someone else for money as a business transaction.

Why Would You Want to Flip a Website? 

For starters, there is a ton of money to make! Especially if you have a website that gets consistent traffic and it is already bringing in revenue. Others sell their websites and blogs because they no longer want to be a part or they see a good opportunity to make some money when selling. 

Many people will buy even starter websites. Basically they are already built when it comes to design, branding, social media accounts, and domain name before you inquire about purchasing. 

In other instances, the previous owner will go ahead and start writing content so while it is waiting to be sold, it can potentially start to be seen by Google.


Who Do You Flip a Website To?

There are many online brokers that this is strictly their area. Large websites like Flippa are a really good option. You can make a free account and create a listing while their brokers do the rest. 

You can also ask around in Facebook Blogging Groups. Being that this is somewhat a new business idea, people are aware of the amount of money that can be made and I see people all the time jumping when they hear someone is selling their site. 

The BEST Way to Flip a Website and Make Money

If you are brand new to the game and want to dive in headfirst, I highly recommend you take the Blog Flipping Masterclass

This course walks you through the entire process from start to finish. Not only does it cover the basics of building the site for CHEAP! It also gives you ways on how to market through social media, what NOT to do when it comes to getting traffic, SEO basics so that your website can be found and ranking on Google, and how to monetize it. 

Once you purchase the course you have LIFETIME access to the course itself and all of the future updates. You can access it over and over even after you build and flip your first site. 

After you get past the basics of the website itself, the course dives in on the legal part of how to flip a website, where to flip it, and how to get the website to the buyer. 

Chelsea, the creator of the Blog Flipping Masterclass, has pioneered her way to be known as the Blog Flipper! If you are truly interested in learning how to flip a website, this is the ONLY course you need! 

Below is a sneak peek of what the course offers:

flip a website course overview

How Do I Create and Sell a Website

If you are passing on the course for now and just want to get started on creating a website. Here’s how. 

  1. Purchase your domain name and hosting. We recommend Bluehost or Siteground for beginners, and you can get your domain from your host as well. Your domain name is the and your hosting is how you lease your space on the internet. They also offer you support anytime you need it. 
  2. Next, you will need a theme, which is what makes a website look and function the way it does. You can purchase a paid theme or use the Astra theme for free, which a lot of people do start out. However, if you are planning to flip a website YOU NEED A PREMIUM PAID THEME. 
  3. Do some research when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). This is how people find you on Google. You do not want to build a website on a topic or around a niche that no one is searching for. We recommend Keysearch for SEO. Use KSDISC for a 20% discount when you use our link! It’s a great cheap tool that is very user friendly and provides lots of data for a fraction of the price when comparing to others. 
  4. After installing WordPress, you are ready to start creating content. 


Other things that You need to do after creating your website: 

  • Start your social media accounts 
  • Offer something for free on your site 
  • Start promoting your content 
  • Build your email list 

I know that this sounds like a lot, which is another reason we recommend the Blog Flipping Masterclass because you almost get a 2 in 1 course.

Chelsea teaches you all you need to know about building the site out and implementing it so that it is successful and desirable to buyers.

Afterward, you continuing learning about the marketing portion and ultimately flipping the blog or website to its new owner and making money while you do it!

Other courses you can take if you are interested in blogging and making money online:

The Blog Monetization Course 

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Be Your Own Blog Boss Bundle 

A collection of SIX of our best selling courses, one low price. The ultimate blog-to-biz roadmap for turning your blog into your business. See below for what is included. Monthly Payment Plans Available! 

overview for blogging and website courses

Learning how to flip a website does not have to be hard and people are waiting to jump on a new business opportunity!

Learn how to flip blogs and websites the easy way to make money! Here's everything you need to know when it comes to finding a broker, a website buyer, and how to build a profitable blog that you can actually sell!