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Starting a Construction Business? 7 Things to Do First

Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

After many years of working as a contractor, you’ve finally decided to spread your wings by starting a construction business of your own.

This is a huge step forward. It’s okay to feel confused and lost regarding the nitty-gritty. Just breathe and take a step back to analyze things more clearly.

You need much more than just passion for the crafts to make it big and the industry has very specific construction accountant requirements. However, construction is a profitable niche if you take the right steps. So take out a notepad and start jotting down points. Here, we suggest the essential things you might want to figure out before cutting the red ribbon on your office door.

1. Come up with a Business Plan Before You Start Your Construction Company

A business plan includes the company description, its goal, the market analysis, and ideas for its growth. This plan is significant because it helps you to determine the actions you need to take. All of this will derive from the services you want to offer and the audience you want to target.

A good business plan will also have a detailed financial plan. This aspect should include sales strategies as well as a marketing plan that will let you know how much more money you need in the beginning. It should also help you determine how long it will take your business to start bringing in profits.

2. Obtain Legal Permits and Licensing

Before starting your construction business, you must get a license and a permit. Licensing laws differ from one state to the next, so obtain your permit where you want to open your business.

You can easily find the exact requirements online, or you can physically go and visit the council office to get more information and to have your questions answered. You can also use a code enforcement software program to keep all your paperwork organized. Also, register with appropriate state entities so you can file your taxes efficiently.

3. Invest in the Appropriate Machinery

Once you’ve started your construction business, your work will only be as good as the machinery you invest in. There is a myriad of equipment you’ll need just to get started. Luckily, you can visit and see their amazing collection for yourself. The essential equipment you’ll require consists of saws, generators, wheelbarrows, and excavators. There’s a wide variety of colors, price ranges, and quality to choose from.

4. Gather a Good Team as You Start Your Construction Business

Once you have started your construction business, you’re only going to be an effective manager if you have a good team at hand. What’s more, they need to understand construction work as well as you do.

So hire hardworking and dependable people who are skilled and come with high recommendations. If they don’t have enough polished skills, you can train them. But a good work ethic and reliability is something they either have or they don’t.

5. Build a Network Around Your Construction Business

The construction business you’re starting won’t be successful long term if you don’t socialize and meet with people belonging to different niches. Meeting up with people from media or networking on social media can be great for your brand. It can certainly help you market your business.

You might not always get what you want from people in a single meeting, but it helps to remain in contact with these people because you never know when you might require their assistance.


6. Purchase a Solid Insurance Plan

In a construction business such as the one you’re starting, it’s almost impossible to steer clear of accidents. What’s more, an accident may well affect your employees.

So do some thorough research. Find out how much money it would take for an insurance plan to cover everything. While we’re on the topic of accidents, every person you hire must be certified to handle heavy and dangerous machinery.

7. Find an Office Location

Before solidifying your plans and starting your business, it’s a good idea to find an office space for your company’s main headquarters. If you already own office space, you might want to refurbish so it easily accommodates your team.

However, make sure that this office space isn’t inside your house. It needs to be well set up and in an easy-to-find location so your clients can visit you during office hours. You will need enough space in your office for a meeting room that can hold a dozen people comfortably. It’s all about the image of the brand, and a chic office space will work well in your favor.


Starting your own construction business can be nerve-wracking and risky, but if you take your time in analyzing all the critical factors, you’ll make it easier for yourself. So do your comprehensive research before you launch.