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Online Marketing in the Age of Corona

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Online marketing, sometimes called digital marketing, has been an absolute must for businesses large and small for quite a while now. But in the age of corona, it is all the more important.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in multiple ways. People are staying home more. They’re also spending more time online today. Additionally, many people are more inclined to order items they want and need from online retail outlets, so online businesses are thriving.

If you want your online business to keep growing as it has during the age of corona, you’re going to need to put the pedal to the metal with your marketing strategies as the pandemic subsides. So buckle up, Buttercup, and let’s take a ride on the digital marketing highway.

Types of Digital Marketing

According to digital marketing guru Neil Patel, there are seven basic types of online marketing:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing

During the age of corona you need to become proficient in as many of these different types of online marketing as possible.

SEO in the Age of Corona

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a set of practices that online marketers and business owners employ to make it easier for interested searchers find a particular website. These practices also serve to boost a site’s rankings in the search engines.


SEM in the Age of Corona

SEM, or search engine marketing, is similar in most respects to SEO. The difference is that SEM marketers focus not only on organic search but also on paid advertising. Paid online ads can be particularly effective in the age of corona.

Content Marketing

While Bill Gates often gets credit for coining the phrase, “Content is king,” Sumner Redstone actually used before Gates did, in an essay published in 1974. Some say the phrase is even older than that. Regardless of who said it first, it’s best to keep your blog or website lively with lots of original content, especially during the age of corona.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, be sure to keep it, well, social. In other words, show your company’s human side and interact frequently with your visitors and followers.

Some of the best examples of social media marketing can be found on Twitter. For instance, Charmin’s #TweetFromTheSeat campaign not only engaged followers with fun and humor but also won the company a Shorty Award.

PPC Advertising

PPC stands for “pay per click,” and it refers most often to the paid ads you see at the top of the search page alongside organic search results.

With PPC advertising, advertisers contract with a publisher (often Google Ads) to publish their ads. Then they pay the publisher a set fee when someone clicks on their ad.


Affiliate Marketing in the Age of Corona

Many online businesses rely on affiliate marketing to attract new clients. For example, the online casino Casinofy regularly works with online affiliates in mutually beneficial relationships.


How affiliate marketing works is that one online business advertises on another’s website. When a visitor to the host site clicks on the advertiser’s link there, the host earns a small percentage of whatever sale might occur from that click. During the age of corona, affiliate marketing has become all the more lucrative for both parties.

Email Marketing

There are those who will tell you that email marketing is obsolete, but nothing could be further from the truth. Email marketing is inexpensive and particularly effective in the age of corona.


If you had already established good online marketing practices before the pandemic hit, good on you. Keep it up. Better still, double down on your efforts.

And if you’re just now getting started with online marketing because you see the opportunities as well as the challenges of the age of corona, good on you, too. Use this article as a guide to catch up with and outpace your competitors.

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