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The coffee industry is thriving. Want to know why?

For starters, about 65% of Americans consume coffee daily. This percentage is even higher when it comes to students. In fact, coffee consumption grows about 3% yearly. These are among some of the reasons why the best coffee makers under 100 are in demand and the coffee industry continues to thrive.

Early wakeups are among the biggest challenges for many people, so it is not surprising that some say their best friend in the morning is a cup of freshly brewed coffee. It has become a part of a wakeup ritual and daily routine. While some prefer to make coffee themselves, others get coffee to go on their way to work.

A few years ago, coffee startups changed the way we take our coffee. In fact, they managed to turn the coffee industry upside down, making coffee a nearly ubiquitous drink in the US.

Office Workers Sustain the Coffee Industry

If you want to stay on track and earn a living, you must constantly develop, move forward, and work hard. This coffee-driven work ethic led to the coffee industry’s first big break.

It happened when office workers got coffee vending machines and the official “right” to take a coffee break. Office workers of the 1950’s faced many challenges as they made an effort to lift the country’s economy. They worked hard with little rest, but the paper cup made it easy to take a portion of coffee into the workplace.


Demand Is High Among Travelers

A smart entrepreneur trying to launch a successful startup pays attention to the psychology of their target market. Then they do their best to show their product’s value, making people want to buy it. Startups in the coffee industry are no different.

Coffee has long been the perfect travel buddy. That’s why most gas stations sell drinks containing caffeine. However, it doesn’t matter whether you drive a car or take a stroll around the city. Either way, the chances are high that you can easily find your favorite coffee drink.


Coffee Drinkers Are Younger Today

The modern coffee industry offers the best coffee makers for college students on nearly every corner. This is because they know how hard young people must work to earn a degree. They stay up late at night, dealing with their assignments. They have irregular schedules and struggle to wake up in the morning.

Today, coffee is not just a drink but rather a philosophy. It’s a constant companion of the modern person on the go. You come across numerous coffee-to-go spots around the city for a reason.

Coffee startups have contributed to the general perception that a successful person is one with a tight schedule and a cup of coffee in their hand. Moreover, it is hard to find a café or a restaurant where you cannot order a cup of coffee. But consumers have come to expect more than freeze-dried and overcooked beans.

On the contrary, a fresh roast is what people want nowadays. So, it is not surprising that young generations find the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee appealing.

New Coffee Trends Bolster the Coffee Industry

Today’s coffee drinker can enjoy an entire range of coffee flavors, thanks to modern technologies and the startups that have brought them to the market. Millennials and younger generations like to take pictures with their fresh cups of coffee. They perceive it as a status symbol and evidence of their success.

Nowadays, most people don’t drink coffee straight. Instead, they choose interesting and sweet alternatives. Coffee startups have created a variety of coffee drinks by focusing on how they roast the beans and adding unique flavors. Young people opt for trendy coffee specialties, following the recommendations of their favorite bloggers and other celebrities.

In short, coffee startups have managed to move the coffee industry to a completely new level. Now, the fashionistas rush to try all the novelty coffee drinks and share their opinions.

Bottled Coffee Drinks Have Become Popular

While it might have started with the leading brands on the market, today even small companies offer bottled coffee. People today are constantly on the go. Don’t bother asking them to sit and savor their coffee slowly, sip by sip.

For this reason, cold brew drinks have gained market momentum in the coffee industry. You can find ready-to-go coffee literally everywhere. While some of them are just sweet drinks with coffee flavoring, others can boast of preserving the quality taste of some of the world’s best coffee beans. In fact, the market now offers some incredible mixtures, like coffee beer.

Modern Technologies Ease the Ordering Process

We live in the digital era, and modern technologies have penetrated every sphere of our lives. The coffee industry is no exception.

The increase in coffee popularity has led to changes in service. People want to get coffee, but they don’t want to waste time in lines. So coffee startups have begun integrating mobile printers with payment systems in their coffee houses. This makes for fast, practically error-free service. These simplified options are leading to further developments in the coffee industry.