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Be a Coin Master: Track Your Coins Like a Professional

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Bitcoin was the coin market’s buzzword for a very long time, thanks to its mysterious inventor “Satoshi Nakamoto.” Harnessing the power of what technologists call blockchain, Nakamoto created a revolution in the currency world. And now, bitcoin is seen as a credible investment owing to its steadily growing valuation.


Take Advantage of the Newcomers in the Coin Market

The catch is there can only be so many cryptocurrencies of a particular coin type available. For instance, there can only ever be 21 million bitcoins in the world, no more. However, here are many other cryptocurrencies available in the market, such as Ethereum and Litecoin. People are flocking to these other coins now. Because they are newcomers, they have the advantage of currently having a lower value. Despite that, just like bitcoins, they are pretty promising.

Keep Your Coin Holdings in Multiple Currencies

The fun part of the coin market is that you can own multiple cryptocurrencies on multiple platforms. The hard part is that it is very tedious to keep track of all of your coins at the same time. It takes a lot of dedicated time and effort to make some seriously profitable investments in the cryptocurrency sector. However, you can manage some parts of this job through a crypto tracker. A tracker is basically an online site or mobile application on which you create an account. Then you can buy or sell your cryptocurrencies at your convenience.

Understand the Typical Functionalities of Crypto Trackers

What makes a crypto and stock tracker useful? There are many stock trackers available. Check the ones you are looking at to see if they support some common and useful functionalities for tracking coins. For example, look for:

  • A library of cryptocurrencies. You should be able to deal with multiple currencies from a single platform.
  • The ability to handle multiple portfolios. See how all your valuations are going from a single dashboard so you can have a holistic view.
  • Ways to customize your notifications. For example, can you set the app not to disturb you too frequently? You should be able to set alerts in ways that work for you.
  • The ability to connect your crypto wallets to the application. This will massively aid you in having smoother transactions.
  • An app that gives you live information at all times. You need to stay well informed if you want to master coin tracking. This is because you need on-time information to make the best decisions.
  • Trends and charts that give you the latest data. Additionally, make sure your tracker uses color-coded images to help you digest volumes of information from a single page.
  • The ability to use the app on multiple devices. Preferably, your account would contain all the information. Moreover, the data should be synced across all your devices within your tracker account.
  • Ways to leverage detailed trading analysis on your account. You need to be able to see at a glance how the market is performing and how your coins are faring in the run.



These functionalities can help you make an informed decision on the coin tracker you will use. Delta is an application that embeds all these functionalities into a single app. What’s more, it is free. Therefore, it makes sense to check it out and see if the application works for you.