Email Hygiene

Why Are Companies Fully Embracing Email Hygiene?

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The email marketing ecosystem is constantly changing. With the developments in the digital marketing world, the techniques that worked years ago are no longer relevant. Businesses should focus on improving email marketing strategies accurately with email hygiene. 

One of the best ways to keep up with different email marketing techniques is to maintain email hygiene. According to eMarketer, businesses in the US are spending around $39 billion on Internet advertising. However, according to Forrester for email marketing, the advertising budget is only around $1.5 billion. 

Businesses must focus on ensuring none of their emails are spam. A healthy email list can help to provide better deliverability and a higher success rate. Email list cleaning is the key to driving engagement. 

What Is Email Hygiene?

All businesses are in the habit of sending cold emails to drive engagement. However, most of these cold emails often land in the spam folder. Email hygiene refers to cleaning or removing inactive data or cold contacts. These contacts are deleted from future email marketing campaigns, and only the potential or warm email leads will continue receiving the mail. 

Businesses must maintain a clean list. This helps to ensure that the emails will be successfully delivered to the subscriber inbox. It urther helps to prevent the risk of your email landing in the spam providers. The email service providers are smart enough to filter what they want to receive and what they don’t want. 


Why Is Email Hygiene Important? 

A clean email list has become a priority for most businesses. Keeping the list clean and healthy will help you reach out to potential clients while managing the business.

Some of the common benefits of maintaining a clean email are as follows:

1. Get Validation

Email validation is an extremely crucial part of your marketing technique. It will help you ensure that your email is being delivered to the right spot. This can bring a significant improvement for deliverability. 

Email list cleaning will help you identify the difference between good and bad prospects. As a result, you can remove the bad prospects and reach the potential ones. 

2. Speed Up Delivery

An email list with too many negative prospects can hamper your email marketing strategy. It will also affect the delivery rate. Sometimes, the receiver, instead of sending the mail to spam, will block it. 

3. Better Return On Investment

Conversion has always been regarded to be one of the best results for your marketing strategy. Regular email list cleaning and filtering out the non-potential clients can help to bring a better return on investment. 

Email marketing is expensive, but not a lot of business owners pay heed to it. If you keep sending emails to bad addresses, you will not be able to move ahead. Moreover, the marketing strategy can also take a wrong turn if you keep sending emails to spam. 

Email data hygiene can help to ensure better data filtering, thereby increasing the return on investment.

4. Manage the Email List Significantly

A poorly managed email list is dangerous for your marketing strategy. Moreover, it can make you vulnerable to invalid email addresses and even spam traps. So, constantly cleaning your email can be effective in reducing risks. It is also essential to keep a check on typos in the email. 

5. Kickstart for Your Online Reputation

It will never work out if you start a new email marketing campaign with the same old list. Moreover, you will be at a higher risk of receiving constant complaints about invalid emails or even spam traps. 

Such complaints can negatively impact your marketing strategies. Nonetheless, sending compelling emails to a new, clean list can be effective for improving your brand strategy. Furthermore, it will also help to reduce the risk of returns. 


Tips to Maintain a Clean Email List

If you are not maintaining your email list data, you are missing out on something significant. This can harm your business. Nonetheless, if the emails constantly get marked as spam, it will also decrease the ROI. Hence, some of the tips to maintain a healthy and clean email list are as follows:

Ensure the Email List Has Good Hygiene

It is advisable to conduct a data check, such as checking for errors or typos in the spelling. As soon as you notice any error, make sure to fix that so the email does not reach an invalid account. Moreover, it is also advisable to remove addresses that can potentially be spam. 

Several email marketing tools have hygiene functions enabled in them. This will help to keep a check on the bounce rate. 

Keep a Check with Feedback Loops

Is your marketing strategy generating any complaints? Many online reputations are damaged because they cannot get clear feedback. Many email clients report unwanted messages. 

Several clients opt-out from receiving emails and unsubscribe if they receive too many emails. On the other hand, other clients report particular messages as spam. Therefore, you should keep a check with the feedback and remove the complainers from your list. 

Remove Inactive Subscribers

You definitely do not want to remove people from your list if they haven’t unsubscribed yet, right? However, eliminating inactive subscribers is one of the best practices to keep the email list clean. 

However, before removing the inactive subscribers, it is necessary to promote a re-engagement campaign. This campaign has the potential to turn your cold prospects to warm ones. There is no point in sending emails to the ones who are going to delete it. 

Manage Bounce Rate

Email marketers face trouble managing the bounce rate for their marketing strategies. Moreover, managing the bounce rate can also play an essential role in enhancing the return on investment. 

There are two types of bounce rates, soft and hard. While soft bounces can be easily managed, hard bounce rates are tough to manage. Too many bounce rates can lead to messages being blocked. 

Final Thoughts

It is necessary to be strategic while maintaining the email list. A healthy list is a key to a better return on investment. Furthermore, it is necessary to choose the right tools that can help maintain your email list’s hygiene. However, before cleaning, it is advisable to try a re-engagement.