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Building a Micro Landing Page to Promote Your Business

Are you looking for a way to up your marketing game and give your business the extra push it needs to get to the top? A micro landing page could be just what you need.


It is not enough to have an excellent social media marketing campaign. You also need to think about what happens after your followers click on the links you share. This is where a micro landing page comes into play.

A landing page is where you send your audience when they click on your links. Having one can mean a whole lot to your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Let’s find out what a micro landing page is and learn about the many benefits your business can enjoy from setting one up.

What Is a Micro Landing Page?

A micro landing page or social media landing page is the destination you create to receive your followers when they click on a link you share during your social media campaign. Whether it is a paid or an organic campaign, you can make use of one of this kind of landing page.

These kinds of pages are different from your regular business websites. They tend to have a very simple layout that encourages your audience to promptly take specific actions concerning the growth of your business. You can tailor each of your landing pages to your individual marketing campaigns. The results can range from excellent brand awareness to amazing engagement and conversions.

However, even though these micro landing pages are designed for social media campaigns, they are not pages that exist on any social platform like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Instead, they are often hosted on a third-party site.

How Will a Micro Landing Page Benefit Your Business?

#1: It’s Perfect for Building Brand Awareness

When customers land on your Instagram page, your posts should tell them a lot about your brand. But what happens when your customer is looking to get the latest news about your product or read your new blog posts?

Instead of directing your audience to your homepage through a link you added in your Instagram bio, send them to a micro landing page. This will do the job much better. You can create one of these landing pages that includes different posts with unique designated links.

These links should give your audience all the information they need about your brand. That’s no doubt an amazing way to promote brand awareness for your business across multiple platforms.

#2: Use a Micro Landing Page to Promote Your Events and Webinars

Hosting a virtual event is a great way of using social media to expand your customer base. You only need to creatively design a micro landing page for your event and watch the event become the talk of the town. Include key details about the event and process attendees in a single place—on your micro landing page.

#3: Use It to Offer Discounts and Coupons to Your Followers

Giving out coupons and discounts can be a great way of attracting new customers on social media. But it may not be ideal to share your discount codes freely on your profile. Instead, give them in exchange for email signups. In this way, you can pump up your email list.

Then, with a micro landing page, you can direct your followers to a destination where you request their contact information. Also, you could give a discount to new members when they subscribe to your newsletter.

#4: It’s Great for Promoting Online Shopping

If you run an e-commerce site, you will need to leverage the power of social media to make some great sales. Social media can provide potential customers a glimpse into your products. But what if a customer wants to make a purchase instantly without having to visit your site?

With a well-designed micro landing page, you can help your customers purchase your products with just a few clicks. And you won’t have to risk losing them if they were to get overwhelmed by your traditional website.

#5: Use It to Offer a Peek into Your Product via Product Trials and Demos

This is especially true for a company that produces software and other complex products. These are the types of companies that need to offer their customers a free trial or demo of what the product can do. With a micro landing page, you can easily send prospects from your social media page to a place they can sign up and get started right away.


Now that you know what a micro landing page is and why you may need one, let’s talk about some useful tips for creating one.

Use a Reliable Micro Landing Page Builder

This is an important tip to note when you’re looking to create a micro landing page for your brand. While there are many landing page builders out there, you want to be sure you choose one you can trust to provide both quality and simplicity. After all, what is the point of finding an affordable builder if it is too complex to use?

Instead, choose a reliable and easy-to-use micro landing page builder for your brand. One we recommend is the Onlypult Builder. This tool is easy to use and delivers on every promise its developers make. In less than three minutes, you will already have your page up and running, ready to receive your followers.

The built-in analytic tool that comes with Onlypult also makes it a go-to landing page builder for many. You can try it out, too.

Start with a Simple Layout

You don’t have to make things overwhelming when you’re starting out. Just focus on making your page as simple as possible. Skip the sidebars for now. Also, leave out the website menus, social buttons, and other elements that can clutter your page.

Be Sure to Add Branding

No matter what type of design you choose for your micro landing page, make sure you leave room for branding. For example, remember to include your brand logo at the top of the page. This will mean a lot to your customers when they land on your page, as it will help build trust and reassure them that they are dealing with the right company after they have clicked away from your social media page.

Keep Your Message Consistent

After clicking your link and landing on your micro landing page, your customers want to see that you can still meet their need for clicking the link in the first place. So make sure your message is consistent from your social media page to your landing page. Let them know some of the benefits of getting your products or using your services. Highlight some features and make your offer as clear as possible.

Give Your Micro Landing Page a Persuasive Headline

With a micro landing page, you don’t have the luxury of space to impress your customers. So get their attention right away. The first thing they should notice when they arrive at your page is a really persuasive headline. Don’t forget to let your audience know how they will benefit, so they will be encouraged to take the action you want them to take.

Use Eye-Catching Visuals

When it comes to marketing and making sales, graphics are extremely important. So add high-quality and captivating photos, videos, and graphics to your landing page. However, make sure any visual content you add is relevant to your offers.

Take Time to Craft a Compelling Call-to-Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) is what tells your customers exactly what you want them to do next. Your CTA can be something like “Get Started,” “Sign Up Free,” or something similar.

Test and Optimize

Once you have created your micro landing page this doesn’t mean you should go and sit with your hands folded. Instead, test your page. Look for how you can optimize it to generate better results and performance.

If you are using Onlypult builder, the tool’s built-in analytics will provide useful insights into how your page is doing. You can use that information to further optimize your page and get even better results.


One Last Thing…

A great promotion or advertising campaign should come equipped with an amazing landing page to receive your prospects. In this post, we have shown you a few ways you can leverage micro landing pages to promote your business. So get to work now, and let your business thank you later for having taken this step.