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How to Convert Website Visitors into Loyal Customers

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Many businesses face the same problem: You’re generating a fair amount of website visitors, but you’re struggling to convert website visitors into customers.

In order to gain loyal customers, you first need to understand how to generate leads. That starts with knowing your audience, optimizing your pages, and revisiting your marketing strategies.


Converting visitors into customers is about building trust and conveying that your brand can add value. This is something an inbound agency can help with, bringing a wealth of experience and resources to implement highly targeted marketing campaigns that convert. Here, we’ll discuss the top five ways you can start to utilize your marketing efforts in a new and forward-thinking way.

Convert Website Visitors by Targeting the Right Audience

While the number of website visitors you have may be high, are you actually targeting the right kind of people? This is something many companies make the mistake of when looking at reporting figures.

If you’re targeting the wrong kind of people just to get traffic to your website, this is likely to result in a high bounce rate and a low conversion score. Your priority as a marketer should be to generate high quality traffic, not general traffic.

In order to better understand who the right people are for your audience, you need to conduct some research. You must better understand who your ideal customer is. You need to know what they need from you, what their goals and frustrations are. An effective way of doing this is to create buyer personas. Buyer personas allow you to have a deeper understanding of your target audience, how they conduct their online research, and ways in which you can target your pages to show your product or service will add value for them.

Optimize Your Landing Pages and Convert More Website Visitors

Landing pages offer a prime example of how you can utilize content to boost conversion rates. Headlines for landing pages are short and snappy statements that allow you to summarize your point in just a few words. In the headlines for your landing pages, you actively tell visitors what they’re about to read.

This is a good place to use keywords. This is because it is likely a user has found your page by searching a specific keyword through Google. This lets them know your content will be relevant to them.

Similarly, including relevant images on your landing pages, and providing those images with appropriate alt text, can be significant for a user’s experience. Images help break up long chunks of text. They give the reader a break to digest what they’ve read. Ensuring the alt text is optimized can also help with page visibility in SERPs.

A good rule of thumb for getting good at converting landing page visitors into customers is to make one change to your landing pages at a time. That way, you can easily track what change has helped to increase visits and click-through rates.


Create a User-Friendly Website and Convert More Visitors into Loyal Customers

You’ve probably heard it before, but having a user-friendly website is crucial to retaining visitors and converting them into loyal customers. Often, a visitor won’t have heard of your brand before. Instead, they’ll be in the “attract” or “engage” part of the buyer’s journey. How your website looks and functions is paramount to getting users engaged and converting them into loyal customers.

Your website’s design can make all the difference between retaining users and losing them. Moreover, its design and content need to align with its navigation. For example, if you have too many pages, your site’s navigation can become clunky. This can give users a bad experience.

Condensing multiple pages into one long-form guide is an easy way to reduce navigational clutter. This also helps ensure all pages on your website are only three clicks deep into the navigation.

Another important element of a user-friendly website is to ensure it is responsive for mobile. It’s been estimated that 55.4% of internet users purchase products via their mobile devices. That’s why the way your website looks and responds via mobile is crucial to converting visitors into customers. If your website design looks poor on mobile, visitors are likely to lose interest and look to an alternative brand whose website is easier to navigate.

Use Exit Intents / Pop-Ups

Are you running an exclusive, time-sensitive prize draw? Do you have a downloadable guide you’d like to promote? Or are you looking to get more clicks to your product pages or social media accounts? Exit intents, also referred to as pop-ups, are a marketing strategy that allows you to make one last effort to retain visitors and encourage click-throughs from your site’s homepage.

Exit intents trigger when a user’s mouse moves to the top of the page. This usually signals a user is about to close the window. At that point, a pop-up will appear as a last chance effort to encourage engagement. This is a powerful strategy that will enable you to convert more website visitors into loyal customers.

Implement Live Chat or a Chatbot

When a user first interacts with your website, they likely have never encountered your business before. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re using effective marketing strategies that can provide solutions to customer pain points.

Implementing a live chat or a chatbot is an effective way of improving customer support. It’s been reported that live chat is used by 67% of B2C businesses solely for customer support. Moreover, chatbots saw a 92% use increase since 2019. Millennials and Gen Zers have been the driving force behind the use of technical support systems like these, as many of them would prefer to talk to a robot over a person on the phone in order to solve a problem.

This also allows your customer support team breathing space to solve the more complex problems via phone, rather than answering numerous calls for minor issues or questions. More satisfied customers lead to more website visitors converting into loyal customers.



Using the suggestions offered here will give your website more opportunities to convert visitors into customers who will remain loyal to your brand well into the future.