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5 Services Modern Outplacement Firms Offer

When companies face difficult decisions during tumultuous times, the first cuts they make are often a series of layoffs. Layoffs are a severe pain point for displaced workers. However, organizations can help these employees by offering outplacement services as a part of their overall severance package.


Laid-off workers often feel anxious about the loss of support. They might experience anger about losing the job so suddenly. Moreover, for some workers, depression sets in. After all, layoffs frequently come as a shock. They can be a harrowing experience for people.

But outplacement services can help displaced workers move on in their careers. These services are dedicated to finding laid-off employees new roles—often within the same industry and at comparable or higher pay. Moreover, their goal is to find workers new employment swiftly after a layoff.

What’s more, by offering outplacement services, the employer can salvage their own reputation. Such a move also helps to improve morale among staff members who remain employed. Best of all, it provides a lifeline for displaced workers.

If you have been offered outplacement services, taking advantage of the opportunity is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Here are five of the amazing services modern outplacement firms can offer you.


Outplacement Firms Offer Tailored Support

Directly following a layoff, the most important thing a person needs is support. Support from their former employer can come in the form of outplacement and a severance package.

Once they are set up with the outplacement company, the candidate can then take advantage of the unique offerings the service provides. These services include tailored support specific and exclusive to each individual.

Tailored support can mean training and teaching applicants how to apply for jobs and giving them access to particular job boards. Additionally, it can mean using technology to make re-employment happen quickly.

They Give Expert Coaching

Career coaches at outplacement services firms aren’t just volunteers or random people off the street. They don’t lack business acumen and experience. Instead, they’re full-fledged human resources and recruiting specialists. They know exactly what they’re doing.

Modern career coaches are tuned in to the current job market. They understand how the job market works. They know how remote work is changing certain industries. Ultimately, they can supply pertinent information on how to get to the interview stage and beyond.

A career coach will sit down with candidates and practice interviewing with them. He or she will do this virtually using technology if the applicant prefers.

They’ll also give the applicant valuable guidance on how to initiate a conversation with a prospective employer. They will also teach them how to communicate electronically with a degree of effectiveness.

Coaches focus on the human element as well, helping candidates evaluate job offers so that they find a new position that meets their needs. By focusing on the individual, a career coach takes the idea of tailored support and leverages it. In short, career coaches at outplacement services firms create a comprehensive action plan that gets fast results.

The availability of career coaches at modern tech-based outplacement services means better, more personalized service for workers who have been adversely affected by a layoff or job loss.

They Offer Displaced Employees Resume Services

The resume is an established tradition of job-seeking. It’s also one of the areas that’s most difficult to rebound into after a job loss. Nearly every job search you’ve ever had to do undoubtedly required you to submit a resume. But resumes can be a tough nut to crack.

As time goes on after a job loss, the idea of the resume starts to seem more challenging than ever. These days, there are more hurdles to getting recruiters even to see a particular resume as well.

Resumes that get rejected in applicant tracking systems (ATS) include, long resumes, inefficient resumes, and resumes that don’t highlight applicable experience. Any and all of these can end up being overlooked.

But a modern outplacement services coach will offer a lifeline in this regard. They can either write a resume for a displaced worker or help them write a tailored resume that can beat the ATS. In other words, they will get a worker’s resume in front of an actual recruiter.

While the rest is up to the job-seeker, a few tips on how to write a great resume can go a long way. If you need to write a resume that rocks, use a clean formatting style. Highlight your appropriate experience, and keep it short and sweet. Finally, make sure to include your contact information.

Outplacement Services Suggest Handpicked Jobs

Sometimes, finding leads for job opportunities is the highest hurdle of all. This is where a job concierge can help. This service scours job boards and other sources of opportunities to find the best job leads for particular candidates.

Job boards let recruiters reach a larger group of potential applicants while providing a significant resource for applicants to find jobs fast. But job boards can also become congested, leading to myriad problems, including overlooking good candidates.

A job concierge circumvents these problems by sending suitable applicants directly to the jobs they feel will match their personality and needs. In many cases, candidates can land an equal or better-paying job than the one they left, leaving them satisfied and ready to transition into a new career.

Outplacement Services Rely on Powerful Technologies

In the 21st century, technology drives the broader experience of life. From the ubiquity of smartphones to the prevalence of social media, technology has a big place in our lives.

So why is it that so many companies are still living in the proverbial stone age when it comes to technology? Finding an outplacement services company that uses technology effectively to help its clients should be your top priority when offering these services to affected employees.

A tech hub that allows candidates to remotely interact with career coaches is essential. Moreover, additional resources, webinars, skill-building, and links to useful documents can culminate in a better outplacement experience for all. Technology is the linchpin of society, so be sure to consider its effects as you select an outplacement services firm to provide for your newly laid-off employees.