3 Reasons Why You Need a Nano Influencer Marketing Plan

3 Reasons Why You Need a Nano Influencer Marketing Plan

Featured image by Dominika Roseclay via Pexels

It’s the year of influencer marketing. According to one survey, 68% of businesses with influencer marketing budgets plan to increase their spending. If you plan on doing the same, save some of your budget for nano influencer marketing.

Nano influencers are a small but mighty force on social media. Boasting just 10K or fewer followers, they curate an approachable and authentic image online. As a result, consumers trust their endorsements over macro- and mega-influencers with millions of followers. (Sorry, Kylie Jenner.)

A nano influencer agency works with these smaller content creators to deliver impressive engagement rates. But have you ever wondered why these nanos work so well when others fail? Here are three reasons why a nano marketing plan works.

1. Zoomers Don’t Trust Accounts with Huge Followings

Zoomers, Generation Z, or the post-Millennial boom—whatever you call those born after 1996—this generation makes up nearly 30% of the world’s population. That’s a huge chunk of your consumer base who are just coming into their own.

Marketing to Zoomers is integral to your bottom line. However, these consumers don’t react to traditional advertising like your typical Boomer or Gen Xer. While these older generations may be persuaded by direct marketing and celebrity endorsements, Generation Z prefers nano content creators.

Nano influencers appeal to Zoomers’ value system that places an importance on authenticity and speaking your truth. Basically, nanos are down-to-earth in a way that Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande aren’t. Their endorsements seem more like recommendations from a friend rather than a paid ad by a millionaire. 

2. Women Trust Genuine Social Media Posts

Women make up another huge market in your nano influencer marketing plan targets. And that’s nothing to laugh at, considering they drive 80% of all purchasing decisions in the US.

You can’t afford not to tap into this enormous market, but why are nanos crucial to your approach? It’s because most women use social media when researching brands and comparing products. In fact, women are far more likely to trust a genuine social media post over a glitzy influencer’s earsplitting pronouncement.

While many women will check in with friends and family members, they’re willing to trust content creators, provided their posts are genuine.

Authenticity is a nano creator’s wheelhouse. They aren’t professionals who only post to amass a huge empire. They may not even be able to pay the bills with their endorsements. Instead, they make their posts for the love it, and that enthusiasm shows.


3. Most Consumers Trust Nano Influencers over Traditional Ads

Traditional marketing has taken a hit in recent years. According to one study, 98% of consumers don’t trust ads. They’re highly skeptical of any ad—whether it’s print, TV, radio, or a YouTube commercial.

After all, the main point of these ads is to show off a product or service in the best possible light. Of course, an ad will say you absolutely need to buy something, even if you really don’t.

While influencer marketing often comes with an ad or paid endorsement, people are more willing to listen to content creators about their thoughts. Their posts are less in your face about a product or service.

More importantly, they’re everyday people who like the products or services they’re partnering with. And that’s a lot more convincing than a sleek ad on TV.


It’s Time to Draw up Your Nano Influencer Marketing Plan

If you plan on targeting Gen Z or women of any age, it’s time to draw up a nano influencer marketing plan. Talk to an influencer agency for insights on how you can find the best nano content creators for your brand.