Whew! What A Month!

The dog days of August are almost over and so is National Inventors Month. We covered a lot of inventors and inventions this month.

One of my favorites is the look back at inventors from the past who came up with ideas that we use without a second thought.

Inventor Legends: Edwin Binney and Harold Smith
Inventor Legends: Edwin Perkins
Who Was Frank Sprague?
The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
The Inventor Who Saved Christmas
Inventor Legends: Edmund McIlhenny
Inventor Legends: Bette Nesmith Graham

We also said goodbye to a snack food inventor….
Cheez Doodle Creator 1920 — 2010

And we highlighted new inventors/inventions…

Cool Idea: Memory Wristband
A Clever Little Enterprise
Entrepreneur Takes Stake In Own Invention
Cow Manure, A Growth Industry
Sports Fan’s Biz Off To A Running Start

And finally, we discovered a 7-year-old entrepreneur named Julie Murphy. Julie learned the hard way that you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you’ll find you get what you need.

UPDATE: Lemonade Entrepreneur

Photo by The Oregonian.

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