Measuring Roofs Without A Ladder or a Tape Measure


It doesn’t take much to completely revamp an entire industry if you have a new idea and a great execution.

In 2006, roofing salesman David Carlson [no relation to Dane Carlson] vented to his brother-in-law about his frustrations from climbing onto rooftops and manually measuring to give estimates on repair work. Measuring by hand is a tedious process. Plus, people fall off roofs.

Carlson’s brother-in-law, Chris Pershing, happened to be a software engineer. He did more than listen: Pershing set out to build a software program that would literally change the way the $30 billion roofing industry views America’s rooftops.

Today Pershing’s company, EagleView, uses aerial photography and 3-D modeling to produce on-demand reports for accurate measurements of almost every roof in the country. No ladder, no tape measurers and no perilous, time-consuming estimates.

The humorous cartoon below illustrates the difference between EagleViews remote aerial roof estimating and traditional roof measurements.

Photo by Marcel Jancovic/ShutterStock.

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