What do boxers do after winning the world championship? They become barbers.

The creator of Farmville used to sell things to virtual-farmers. Now, he sells things to real marijuana farmers.

Across the country, there are thousands of half (or less) completed zombie subdivisions left over from the last real estate boom. There’s an opportunity there for someone.

Obamacare stinks for some and is great for others. Some of those others, include this business, which helps consumers shop for insurance.

According to researchers, ideals are the newest business model.

A Small Scottish cafe just got smaller. It’s not a Tardis, it’s a cafe.

A New Zealand company is turning diseased pine trees into essential oils.

From China: your divorce should be a cause for celebration, and a party.

These drones will retrieve your forgotten keys and wallet… from across town.

The skincare business is booming with new products from Korea.

There’s no way that this new wood stove design out of Holland doesn’t burn your house down.

I didn’t know this: “Readily available, low-cost loans are fueling a healthy market for the buying and selling of restaurant companies.”

Caffeinated underwear doesn’t help you lose weight, but there must be other uses.