Beer and Running Shoes: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

Would you rent jeans? This high end jean maker thinks you might.

How about getting paid to wear a pair jeans? Does that interest you? The only catch is that you can’t wash them. For six months.

Think online-shopping has killed the shopping mall? Guess again. The internet has changed the shopping mall for the better. There’s now a “girls only mall,” the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai mall and a mall in Japan where you can’t actually buy anything.

Marijuana legalization is going to make a lot of people, a lot of money. The next group to profit: the team that invents a marijuana “breathalyzer”.

One Wisconsin woman’s hot sauces can change your mood.

Here’s an interesting combination: beer and running. At Shoes & Brews you can buy running shoes and sip from more than 20 microbrews on tap.

There are two kinds of motorcycle riders: those who’ve been in an accident, and those who will have an accident. One Kentucky inventor has invented a better brake light to help change this.

One entrepreneur thinks that horseback riding will be the next exercise craze. Especially, if you can do it in your living room, and don’t need a horse.

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