Side Hustles

5 Best Side Hustles for Apartment Dwellers

Featured image by Leni_und_Tom from Pixabay

If the year 2020 has taught anything, it’s the wisdom of having more than one stream of income. Many companies were forced to shut down and unemployment applications backed up in many states. People are finding that having side hustles is a wise idea.

When you live in an apartment, you must be judicious about what type of side hustle you take on. Storing inventory probably isn’t a fair use of your space, after all. So what could you do? Here are the five best opportunities for apartment dwellers to consider.

1. Freelance Work

Do you have a skill? Can you do side jobs in that skill area to earn some extra income? Everything from writing to designing can be turned into profitable income with a freelance side hustle. All you need for most of this work is a computer.

So how can you get started? One option is to use lower-paying sites like Fiverr or Upwork to build a client base and portfolio. You may not bring in high income on these sites, but you will get experience and have some work to show for your efforts. Then, start raising your prices and branching out until you have a profitable side business.


2. Work as a Translator

If you are fluent in more than one language, you will find a huge need for translators in the online world. You can take advantage of your skill and turn it into a side hustle. You can translate website content into a new language or watch movies and TV shows to create subtitles in your language. Because of the skill set required, this can be a lucrative side gig you can work on your own time.

3. Sell Stock Photography

The Internet requires a vast amount of imagery to do its job. One way to capitalize on this is to sell stock photography as a side hustle. Landscapes, non-specific imagery, and carefully constructed images of products and decorations can be just what someone needs to round out their blog post, and you can earn a buck selling your images to a stock photography site. You may not even need a high-cost camera. A quality phone camera can be just as good!

4. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Are you a highly organized individual? You can earn an average of $16 an hour working as a virtual assistant in your spare time as a side hustle. You can help busy professionals schedule meetings, reply to emails, send out bills and invoices, and manage other online tasks. All from the comfort of your apartment. As a bonus, working as a virtual assistant can show you how the back-end of a business works, which will give you a leg up if you start your own business someday.

5. Social Media Manager

Most companies need someone to help them manage their social media accounts. If you’re well-versed in social media, you can do this task as a side hustle and earn a few extra dollars. Respond to posts, answer questions, schedule posts, and manage ads for a company, and you will become a valuable addition to their team. 


Final Thoughts

There are many ways to earn a little extra money and diversify your income. Whether you’re dealing with pandemic unemployment or just want some extra cash, tap into these ideas to get the cash flowing, even while working from your apartment. 

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