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Marketing During Coronavirus: 6 Tips for Outlasting the Pandemic

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

Depending on your industry, your sales and revenue might have declined due to the Coronavirus pandemic. During the pandemic, some companies have ceased operations altogether. Others have had to innovate to survive. This makes marketing more important than ever for your business.

While marketing is always important for most companies, many marketing efforts during Coronavirus are online. This is largely because the costs of traditional advertising, especially television, are prohibitive at the moment.

Today, however, there is another reason to turn your attention to online marketing: People are spending more time at home, either voluntarily or due to the restrictions imposed by law. Therefore, they surf the Internet much more than before.

So here are some marketing ideas you should consider during this hard time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

#1: Don’t Make Decisions in a Panic

Yes, times are tough at the moment. Trade is almost stopped, for reasons beyond your control. But things will get better.

China has shown that Coronavirus cases peak and then begin to fall. They lifted restrictions and China’s workers went back to work. They have even started exporting and importing again, although international travel will be limited until the Coronavirus vaccine is created and made available to everyone.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This is not to say that you should underestimate the effects of Coronavirus. They are tangible. Many people around the world are contracting the virus and some of them, unfortunately, die.

You may have to stop doing business for some time, but don’t make rash decisions because of panic. Most businesses will survive the chaos, just as businesses have survived in the past through wars, recessions, depressions, and pandemics.


In other words, while you are thinking of closing everything, your competition is riding the wave of the pandemic. They want to be found ready for recovery when it arrives. And rest assured, it will arrive.

Even if your earnings are down and you have to seek government assistance, you should still go ahead with digital marketing. It will keep your company name visible and clearly present in people’s minds. This will be especially important when customers start coming back.


#2: Stay Connected with Your Customers on Social Media During the Coronavirus Pandemic

People use their social media accounts more than ever during difficult times. This is especially evident when they are frightened or uncertain about what is going on around them. If you live where a Coronavirus lockdown is in place, social media quickly becomes one of your most important forms of communication.

Internet use has increased significantly during the Coronavirus pandemic. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that people use Netflix and other streaming platforms more often. And on the other hand, their primary purpose with online browsing is communication. In fact, social media is now most people’s preferred form of communication.


Sure, people have given up their hairdresser, their favorite restaurants, and other such amenities. However, they still remain interested in you and your products. They will pay particular attention to useful and engaging content that you may share. Make it compelling and they will probably remember your name when the pandemic draws to a end. This is true even if they have never used your services before.

#3: Take All Possible Opportunities to Help People During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The best way to do marketing is to do good. People will remember the good things your company did during the Coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, they will associate your good deeds with your brand.

If you can help people get through this time, do it. For example, in Italy and elsewhere, several alcohol factories modified their production lines to produce hand sanitizers. Major fashion brands stopped working on luxury clothes to go into the production of masks and other protective gear.

Marketing was perhaps not the priority for these companies when they made those decisions. However, people will remember their actions when they start spending again after the pandemic lockdown.

#4: Improve Your Online Presence as the Coronavirus Pandemic Rages

As the Coronavirus pandemic rages on, more and more people are finding their way online. They are also becoming more cautious in personal interactions, but that doesn’t mean they have lost interest in the businesses around them. In some cases, “imposed” leisure has offered people more opportunities to search Google and investigate potential items to buy.

Companies in some sectors dedicate part of their marketing budget to fairs, exhibitions, and events. Unsurprisingly, however, fewer people are interested in face-to-face meetings in real life, and many of these events have now been canceled. In the virtual realm, though, it’s a whole other story. This is especially true for B2B companies.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s a good time to remember that digital marketing has a significant advantage over most other types of marketing. That is, it doesn’t require any one-to-one personal interactions. It is also one of the most measurable types of marketing. This simplifies setting clear objectives in terms of ROI (return on investment).

If your business is located in Australia, you should contact Australian Internet Advertising. They will help you devise a working and effective online marketing strategy. With their help, your business will weather this current storm.

#5: Improve SEO on Your Site

It’s okay to work on improving your digital presence. However, it’s of little use if people can’t find your website. Any business with a website should work to improve their local SEO. It’s as important as ever to stay ahead of the competition during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Google and other web search companies are continually changing search engine algorithms. Therefore, you need to make sure your site is keeping up with the various industry trends. Good copywriters and content marketers know how to write their content with SEO in mind. Likewise, your developers should be able to ensure that your site makes it easier for spiders and crawlers to work on your site.

The purpose of proper SEO is to bring the posts and pages of your website to the top of the search results when your potential customers search for key terms for your industry. There is a lot of competition for these top positions. This means you need to put in place a killer SEO strategy so your site can outperform your competitors.

#6: Adapt Your Offers to the Circumstances

Have you noticed recently that some television advertisements now seem totally unrelated to the current situation? For example, perhaps you have seen advertisements that implore you to go shopping crazy, enjoy a dinner at a restaurant, and use certain makeup to improve your appearance.

These ads seem irrelevant to those who must not leave their homes now except for absolute necessities. On the other hand, more successful marketers have moved quickly and adapted to circumstances. People in lockdown mode find their ads more relatable.

There is no point in continuing to do marketing as if nothing has happened. So make the changes you need to make to persuade your customers to continue purchasing your products and services, both now and long after the pandemic has ended.