April 2013

Math Really Is Worthless for Most

The Atlantic: Remember sitting through high school math class while the teacher droned on about polynomial equations and thinking there wasn’t a chance you’d ever use any of it in life? Well, if you’re like most Americans, chances are your 17-year-old self was absolutely correct. As it turns out, less than a quarter of U.S. […]

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Too Late for Cupcakes

According to the Wall Street Journal, the luxury cupcake boom is over: “The novelty has worn off,” says Kevin Burke, managing partner of Trinity Capital LLC, a Los Angeles investment banking firm that often works in the restaurant industry.

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They Like it Hot: Sauceaholics Store

Sauceaholics is a culinary adventure store in Jacksonville, Florida offering over 600 choices of BBQ sauce, hot sauce, rubs, marinades, jams, jellies, chutneys, chips, salsas, simmering sauces, flavored whipped honey, relishes, condiments, t shirts, and smokin’ wood chunks/chips. According to the owner, the idea came about a couple Christmases ago when he went online to

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Aqua-Cycle Water Trikes

When was the last time you rode across a lake using a tricycle that floats? Those of you who’ve experienced this unique adventure know exactly what I am referring to. For those of you that are unsure it is time to take a look at the Aqua-Cycle. In a world where you want to stand

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