May 2013

Liquid “Cremations”

Popular Science: A Florida funeral home has debuted a new alternative to cremation, known as the Resomator, that uses heated alkaline water to dissolve bodies in about three hours. Why do we need an alternative to cremation in the first place? Turns out cremation devices use lots of energy, release a fair amount of carbon

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Divorce Rings?

Even though divorce rates have been dropping, we still have divorce ceremonies and other ridiculous ways to spend money to celebrate something that shouldn’t be celebrated. Newly added to the mix: a divorce ring. The 18K gold ring from Spritzer and Furman is the shape of a broken heart. It will set you back $3,200.

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Niche Biz: One Good Earbud

Kevin Goldstein was frustrated. He wanted to listen to music while riding his bike, but he felt it was not save to wear earbuds while riding. He tried using only one earbud, but he was still unhappy. So, he combined the stereo of regular headphones into one earbud, reports Tucson Velo. He started selling the

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