August 2009

Finger Print USA

Do you have a clean background with NO felonies? Is your business or non-profit easily accessible to consumers? Do you have 3 square feet of unused space that is currently sitting idle? Do you have high speed internet access at your place of business? Are you willing to be trained by phone to operate electronic

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The 3 Forms Of Communication

  photo credit: barto We all communicate with several people everyday, all day long, on a regular basis. But how do we know if we’re communicating in a proper and understandable way? There are 3 main types of communication, stated on Sales Management 2.0, to which all communication falls into one of those 3 categories.

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Digital Snail Mail

BBC: The internet has revolutionized the speed at which people communicate. Now the Swiss postal service is hoping to do the same for regular snail mail. The company offers a service called Swiss Post Box to customers wanting to receive their physical letters over the internet. More from the Swiss Post Box website: We first

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