Scrapbooking, For The RFID Age

Fast Company: Amina Nazari is a product designer by training, so it makes sense that she was mystified by the things that people don’t need, but nonetheless hang onto because of their sentimental value. Sure, we might attach a story to an heirloom–but what about all the stories of its previous owners, which have been

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The Death Of The Corner Pharmacy

CNNMoney.com: Each morning that he unlocks the doors of Cottage Pharmacy, owner Ken Villani fights a losing battle. Revenue at his Woodbury, N.Y., store has been dropping for months. But unlike at other retail establishments, sales at his pharmacy may not rebound in tandem with consumer confidence. That’s because more and more of Villani’s customers

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Companies Born During Downturns

CNNMoney.com: Procter & Gamble Founded during: The Panic of 1837 Candle maker William Procter and soap maker James Gamble joined forces to start a small household-goods business in Cincinnati. IBM Founded during: The Depression, 1873-1896 Three startups – the Tabulating Machine Company, the International Time Recording Company and the Computing Scale Corporation – developed technologies

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