Small Businesses More Optimistic

Kirsten Osolind of re:invention: “The National Federation of Independent Business, the nation’s largest small business advocacy group, announced today that its monthly small business optimism index reached 103, a record in the survey’s 18-year history. Nearly one-quarter of all businesses surveyed reported higher profits.”

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It Floats, On Purpose

Snark Hunting: “After years of insisting that Ivory soap’s ability to float was the product of a production error, Proctor and Gamble is now conceding that it was in fact due to a calculated marketing effort. This is just a one of the dirty little secrets revealed in Rising Tide: Lessons from 165 Years of

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Hardest Lessons Most Basic

Startup Journal: The hard lessons come from not paying attention to basic items, such as having solid contracts with suppliers, doing credit checks on customers or performing due diligence on potential employees, say business owners. These are the issues that can play havoc with your bank balance and bring your company to its knees. By

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Creating Buzz Over Time

Matthew Linderman on Signal vs. Noise: “Reminds me of some advice Chris Matthews gives in his book Hardball that goes something like this: When you’ve got bad news, get it all out at once…when it’s good news, drag it out for as long as possible.”

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The Backup Business

Dan Sherman wrote today about getting into the software backup business. As more information is trusted to home computers, especially computers running Windows and Internet Explorer, it really is only a matter of time before they many people experience their first major computer crash and lose everything. Dan’s idea is to start a service where

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MovieBank USA

A company called MovieBankUSA is rolling out a high-tech DVD and VHS tape video rental vending machine. Houston’s News 24 has the story and a video: “It has been in business over ten years now in Europe and it has completely changed the way people rent the movies,” Stephane de Laforcade says. “It’s so convenient.

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Fantastic Fanaticism

Venture Blog: I love fanatics. Fanatics make first class entrepreneurs. As long as I have been working with startups, I have seen the power of fanaticism in action. Entrepreneurs who go to sleep thinking about their companies, wake up thinking about their companies, and often times dream about their companies in the hours in between,

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