All In Only One Piece Of Cutlery Jean Louis Orengo invented this strange object; his Ariègeois thought up the idea of Georgette on one of his nature expeditions. Originally Georgette had been adopted by Paul Fontvielle the creative head chef of Couserans and founder of the Beauregard estate. Making a first appearance chez colette, a trendy shop in the capital, it […]

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Niche Biz: Smelly Postcards

Zhu Jingxuan, a student in China has created a device to capture the aroma of food on a postcard. The ‘food printer’ uses a camera to take the picture and a smell extractor to collect the aroma simultaneously, then prints a postcard with aroma ink. China Daily has the details: During a trip, when people

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New Fabric Generates Electricity

Colorado State University: Colorado State University apparel design and production researchers and students are working to develop natural-fiber outdoor clothing that can charge MP3 devices, tablets, computers, GPS units and cell phones with built-in — but comfortable to wear — solar panels. The project is so impressive that it was recently selected to compete in

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Lunch Invention

‎KFYR-TV: Entrepreneurs and businesses from across North Dakota, shared their unique creations with people at Pride of Dakota Day. For one Bismarck man, the idea of eating sandwiches and cold leftovers for lunch every day was enough to spark an invention. “I saw a guy had a funnel on an engine one day, and I

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Inventor Drinks To Success

The News Star: It’s called EX5. The “5” refers to the drink’s five benefits — quicker recovery, less sodium, lower calories, more electrolytes and less sugar, says inventor Brian Brothers of Covington. Brothers said he got the idea while watching sporting events on television. So starting with the idea of improving sports drinks, he spent

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A Vending Machine for Everything

OC Register: A local company aims to make dispensing medical marijuana as simple and secure as a withdrawal from an ATM. Aliso Viejo’s Dispense Labs unveiled today the Autospense, an automated dispensary that looks like a vending machine. Founder Joe DeRobbio prefers to call it a “dispensing system.” With its proprietary software and security features,

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Cooking Outdoors

Cassandra Daily: Campers whose fancy tastes demand a certain measure of open- air refinement will appreciate this portable propane oven-and-stove by camping brand Coleman. The miniature oven not only evokes fond memories of a certain beloved toy, it also permits grander culinary variety in the great outdoors—encouraging intrepid outdoorsmen and women to venture beyond standard

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