iPad App For Gardeners

A British inventor recently came up with a gardening application for the iPad and sold it to an American company reports This Is Somerset. The iPad, the latest must-have gadget to be launched by Apple, was released in the US in April and a clever gardening application by a Somerset entrepreneur was selected to be […]

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The Little Entrepreneur Joseph Hudicka’s story is typical of most budding iPhone entrepreneurs. His idea for a software application for the phone – known as an app – is a fusion game of hockey and checkers. He successfully pitched it to investors, who shelled out thousands of dollars to an offshore software development firm. His research and

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Young App-rentice: Jonah Grant

Fast Company takes a look at four App developers with major ideas. All age 16 or younger, they’re part of a generation raised with multi-touch and social media, and they’re cranking out profitable ideas for new devices and platforms as fast as manufacturers let them. Today: Jonah Grant: The Ideas Man, 14, Chicago, IL When

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