Running A Biz After Doing Time

The New York Times: This year, nearly 700,000 people will be released from state or federal prisons. They will join the worst economy in decades, many of them with limited education and little or no legitimate employment experience. And a criminal record will make it that much harder to find a job. Yet newly released […]

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Small Biz Owners Beware! Stacey Pace runs a small florist in New Castle, Delaware. So small that her office is her kitchen and she works from a laptop. “I got this e-mail directly to my business e-mail address from a John Larry inquiring about Eureka Tents,” Pace told NBC 10. She returned the e-mail explaining she is a

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New Scams For Troubled Times

Wallet Pop: 1. Phishing scams related to the financial crisis According to the Federal Trade Commission, there is a new round of email scams out there that are tied to the financial crisis. Many of these emails “phish” for personal information — your Social Security number, account numbers, passwords, etc. The scammer then uses that

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Firms Escort Drinkers Home

Detroit Free Press: Chris Hart of Eastpointe enjoyed a romantic Sweetest Day dinner with her boyfriend at an Auburn Hills restaurant without worries about driving home after drinking. When it was time to call it a night, a chauffeur for the Designate, a Birmingham-based designated driver service, safely drove the pair back to Macomb County

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