SBA Emergency Loans To Start Mid-June

Reuters: The U.S. Small Business Administration has announced a new emergency bridge-lending program geared toward helping struggling small businesses ride out the current recession. Calling it another “tool to our toolbox” SBA head Karen Mills said the new American Recovery Capital (ARC) program will offer “viable” small businesses temporary six-month loans of up to $35,000. […]

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Merchant Cash Advances Work

photo credit: AMagill Business’ that are having trouble getting bank loans or line’s of credit that they usually qualify for do have other options. Cash advances for merchants is a valuable option that work’s for many big or small business’ all over the world. When a line of credit (so to speak) is given to

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Next, Loans for Lemonade Stands?

The New York Times: When banks declare in advertising that they want to help small businesses grow, just how small do they mean? A campaign for a bank in Colorado is taking that assertion down to the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny level. The campaign, for the FirstBank division of the FirstBank Holding Company, is centered on eye-catching

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