What is a Snake Oil Salesman?

A snake oil salesman is someone who sells something phony — typically a medicine that promises to cure all that ills you. Funny enough, though, the original snake oil actually worked! In the 1860s, when Chinese laborers were building the Transcontinental Railroad in the United States, they brought with them a ointment made from Chinese […]

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Sandwich In A Can?

Is putting a sandwich in a can and calling it a “Candwich” the next can’t-miss billion-dollar idea? According to The New York Times, even if it is, investors in Utah who put $145 million in the hands of a money manager named Travis L. Wright will still have thinner wallets. A lawsuit by the federal

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Colorado Warns Bizs Of Theft Scam

Colorado’s Secretary of State and other officials are warning the state’s 800,000 or so registered businesses to watch out for scammers who have been forging business identities to make fraudulent purchases from several big-box retailers in recent months, reports PC World. The corporate identity thefts itself were possible because of what appears to have been

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Top 10 Scams In 2010

Scammer ingenuity knows no bounds. In 2010, as in years past, more criminals are taking the trouble to craft schemes, fudge websites, and get rich off the tight economy and the consumer desperation that goes along with it. WalletPop presents a list of the top ten scams to look out for. “Free trial” scams Deceptive

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