When The Crisis Is Over

photo credit: macieklew Everyone in business is contemplating how to get out of the financial crisis we are having right now, how to secure money, profit, customers new and old, etc. But is anyone thinking about how thing’s will be after the crisis is over? What will business be like, what will your customers spend […]

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Shoppers Are Suckers For Stats From gigahertz to bogomips, dot pitch to DPI, it’s hard to exist in the electronics age without getting bombarded by figures that are supposed to help you understand what, precisely, you’re getting for your money. But really, how many of us understand the implications of a few extra megahertz in the memory interface on

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Rise Of The Web Savvy Shopper

Website Magazine: Gloom and doom? The holidays are fast approaching and more consumers will shop online than ever before – you can count on it. According to a recent online survey of 200 consumers commissioned by eCommerce optimization software provider Avail Intelligence, nearly 80 percent of the respondents confirmed they plan to shop online the

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