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Thank you for making 2012 a banner year at the Business Opportunities Weblog.


Today in Entrepreneurial History: December 31

The tax was introduced in England and Wales under the Act of Making Good the Deficiency of the Clipped Money in 1696 under King William III[1] and was designed to impose tax relative to the prosperity of the taxpayer, but without the controversy that then surrounded the idea of income tax.


Get Ready For Tax Season

Several of the enhanced deductions available to business owners and the self-employed have to do with the purchase and depreciation of assets.


The Science of Christmas Trees

Christmas tree geneticist John Frampton rubs the sprigs of a two-inch seedling, planted two years ago from the seed of a fir cone from the Uludag Mountain region in western Turkey.


Mom’s Diabetes Shirts Inspired By Daughter

“It was awful to see such ugly medical-looking items that were our only choices for a little girl,” says the 51-year-old Ms.


Kids Can Pitch Their Biz Ideas to Warren Buffet

Once again, young entrepreneurs can compete their way into a change to pitch their business ideas to Warren Buffet.


Showrooming to Be Hot in 2013

But the world’s largest retailer hasn’t tried to build a fence to block showrooming.


Invention USA: Season 2

In the Name of Glove (22:07) TV-G Bothered by boys looking to date his teenage daughter, a father invents a product that he believes will keep her safe and make him millions.


FTC on “Biz-Op” Rule Rampage

From Vermont to California and Oregon to Florida, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has wasted no time enforcing its beefed up Business Opportunity (“Biz-Op”) Rule.