Every business has its own set of unique goals and objectives. So when it comes to choosing your must-have features with SharePoint Intranet for 2017, you'll need to take a hard look within the walls of your own organization. However, some common themes have emerged from discussions with current users, and we talk about the chief ones here.
phone tracker
Do you use phone tracker tools in your business? There are plenty of good reasons to do so. For instance, you might want to keep track of expensive equipment in the field. Additionally, parents sometimes use them to monitor their children’s activities outside of the home. However, if you plan to use them in your business, there are some issues surrounding their use that you need to be aware of. This article explores some of them.
If there was any doubt who our tech overlord is, the latest Apple earnings and revenue report squashes any doubt that the Cupertino-based behemoth rules our lives. On Tuesday, August 1, Apple reported its third-quarter earnings, and the results blew analysts’ expectations out of the water.
SAP, short for System Application Products, is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that contains many fully integrated modules such as logistics, financials, and human resources. If you're casting about for a business you could start and run on your own, perhaps you could consider an SAP consulting business.
Business experts and publications agree that you need digital solutions, including a website, for your small business. If you are concerned about the expense, rest assured that there are ways to secure your domain and run a professional-looking site from it without breaking the bank. In fact, digital solutions, including a website, will save your business money in many cases. The important thing is to get the interface right and utilize all the tools available to you. Here are four things you should take into account when designing your online strategy.
CRM for small business
It is no secret that a large business begins with a small one. Automating business processes is the first step to making a small business bigger. If human beings must perform all of a business's processes, business growth can slow or stop altogether. A CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) is a technology designed to help businesses manage their interactions with current and potential customers. A CRM system will help your business to increase sales, optimize marketing activities and improve customer service. It will store all your customer data and the history of your customer interactions. It will also set and enhance business processes and analyze the results, saving resources for further business development. However, many small business owners still doubt their business requires a CRM system.
A virtual private network, or VPN, can have many uses for small businesses. However, before we get too deep into how a VPN can benefit your business, it's important to understand what a VPN is and how it works.
Too many businesses aren’t getting the most out of their cloud set-up. They just view it as somewhere to store data, a way to save money and keep their information safe. However, the cloud also offers companies a large number of other functions and options that can bring real benefits. These benefits aren’t anything fancy or complicated, but they will give your business a bit of an edge. Read on to learn more.
The right employee time-tracking software can help you increase the productivity and profitability of your business. Plus, it’s an excellent way to cut unnecessary expenses. Here are just a few of the benefits of having time-tracking software for your small business.
Today, tradespeople such as plumbers need to level up to compete with the rest of the market. If your business is plumbing, check out the list of apps we offer here that you can use to improve your plumbing business while sticking to your traditional business model.
Virtual reality is finally upon us. Decades ago, many people laughed at the idea of being able to create immersive technology, thinking that it was downright impossible. But today we are witnessing the rise of a new technology revolution, with virtual and augmented reality transforming the way businesses across various industries operate. It’s high time to embrace the technology if you want to gain a competitive advantage. Think of opportunities to incorporate virtual reality in your marketing efforts and you’ll likely be rewarded for being one of its early adopters.
Big data and analytics are necessities for modern business
As a business owner, it is almost certain that you’ve heard the term big data at some point or another. While plenty of business owners have heard the phrase, most are still not familiar with it or its true value. Until recently, analyzing big data was nearly impossible for smaller to medium sized businesses. The cost was enormous and simply unreasonable. Today, though, technology has made business analytics more accessible and affordable. In fact, more and more companies are deciding to use big data to drive their decisions.
IOT and Big Data Are Shaping the Future of Marketing
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technological innovation that is already shaping our future. For example, we can now manage the temperature in our homes with smart thermostats. Additionally, you can track your caloric intake and daily steps with a fitness tracker. By connecting our smart devices, we will be able to make our data more useful across all aspects of our lives. We discuss here the top three ways that IoT will impact the future of marketing for your business.
In late 2016, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, an MIT researcher on Big Data and AI, highlighted some of the flaws of using data science to drive business growth. The conclusion of his study was that data analysts tend to use their jobs as an intellectual challenge. They are therefore disconnected from the economic questions they should strive to answer. Let’s find out the other reasons behind less than stellar results for companies that spend big money on big data without getting proportional returns on their investments.
Long gone are the days of generic mass emails. Consumers now demand marketing that is specific to their likes and interests. If your company is going to invest in email marketing—and you should—use the automated strategies and tools suggested here. If you do, you're bound to get the highest possible return on your investment.
The Microsoft Surface Hub has come a long way from its launch in early 2016 to where it is now. Since that time, it has become a staple in the visual communications industry. A large touchscreen device, the Surface Hub is mounted either on a wall or on a roller stand. Its primary uses are collaboration and video conferencing. Offering capabilities such as save-and-recall whiteboarding, it also allows for integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Take a look at the Surface Hub so far and what Microsoft is doing to advance the device and open it up to new customers.
We’ve discussed before in this blog about how to come up with the funds you need to start or further your business. One of those ways is by using trading software to invest in the markets. If you're considering this method, read on to learn more.
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Robotic process automation, or RPA, consists of software that is used to perform routine tasks which follow a definite set of rules. RPA can process transactions, manipulate data, and trigger responses. It can be particularly useful in the areas of finance, accounting, supply chain management, customer service, and human resources. In short, if you run a business that is dependent upon the continual execution of repetitive tasks, you may be able to turn to RPA to make your life easier.