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Entrepreneur Checklist

Essential Entrepreneur Checklist for New Businesses

Are you thinking about launching a new business? Follow these essential steps of our entrepreneur checklist to ensure a successful and productive start.
digital marketing strategies - featured image

Now Is the Time to Invest in Digital Marketing Strategies

Regardless of how the global pandemic is affecting your business, now could be the perfect time to invest in digital marketing strategies. Not convinced? Read on. We'll tell you why.
cell tower

Why Cell Tower Leases Are Undervalued and What to Do About It

Cell towers affect us every day. What's more, with the rise of 5G, many more cell towers are being installed. As telecommunication companies clamor to win the race for 5G-compatible services, the number of cell towers is increasing to support the demand. Meanwhile, people continue to debate health concerns and where to put additional towers. However, one problem is being completely neglected. Cell tower leases are hugely undervalued for most landowners.

Why a Building Inspection is Vital Before You Rent

It is always an exciting time when you are looking for a new location for your business. That moment when you find a location...

Hire A Hubby Property Maintenance Franchise Opportunity

The Franchise Magazine: One of Australia's most successful property maintenance franchises Hire A Hubby Property Maintenance is now in the UK presenting an attractive opportunity...