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Scentsy Challenging People To Donate

Local News 8: Meridian-based Scentsy Inc. is challenging communities across the state to donate to The Idaho Foodbank throughout the month of August with the...

Franchise Optimism Falls In ‘Challenging’ Environment

Stuff.co.nz: Franchisors may be generally positive about business conditions in the coming year, but there are worries about access to finance and franchisee sales levels,...

Courting Multi-Unit Operators In A Challenging Economy

IFA: Seeking out highly-qualified franchisees to join your system is a surefire way to spark positive growth in any economy but shouldn’t be the sole...

Lillians(TM) Continues Franchise Expansion Throughout U.S. Despite Challenging Economy

PR Newswire: Lillians(TM), The Hippest Shoppe in Town(R), today announced that the company continues to grow its franchise locations despite the challenging economic climate. In the...

Empowered During Challenging Times

SmartBrief: To help the franchising industry meet the challenges of the current economy, IFA's Franchising World magazine has launched a series of special financial reports. The...

Setting Up Franchisees For Success In A Challenging Economy

SmartBrief: The tough economy has invaded every aspect of the business world. The affects of rising gas prices, food costs and curbing spending habits among...
fund your startup represented by a small group of men in casual clothing listening to a man in a blue shirt and shorts

How to Fund Your Startup

Starting a business takes courage, creativity, a lot of elbow grease, capital, and financial support. The chief difficulties lie in coming up with great business ideas, executing them, and ensuring you can fund your startup. Here are six ways to fund your startup.
eco-friendly packaging represented by an abstract icon portraying the ecological call to recycle and reuse in the form of a pond with a recycling symbol in the middle of a beautiful untouched jungle. 3d rendering.

Devise Eco-Friendly Packaging for Your E-Commerce Store

More and more businesses are striving to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations, and a major focal point of this trend is eco-friendly packaging. Here we explore some key strategies in this arena for e-commerce businesses.
UK small businesses represented by British bank notes

UK Small Businesses Report Setbacks in 2023

UK small businesses have faced significant challenges in 2023, and the future remains uncertain. In fact, two in five UK small businesses have reported sales declines in 2023.
small businesses represented by a vector drawing of small shops against the background of large city buildings

Struggles for Small Businesses in 2023

Small businesses continue to face real difficulties in 2023. Moreover, preparing for and anticipating business obstacles is the best course of action. That's why guidance from a business advisor is essential.
startup accounting represented by a businessman's hands holding a tablet over which a transparent icon of a rocket is launching from the screen with network connection and modern blue background

5 Key Benefits of Using a Startup Accounting Service

From accurate financial reporting to expert advice and scalability for future growth, discover how startup accounting services empower new businesses like yours to optimize operations and maximize success.
new business owners represented by a young man intently working on a drafting project

New Business Owners: Easily Sell These Products Online

Are you eager to start your business and enter the world of e-commerce? Do you know which products are perfect for new business owners to begin selling online? If not, then this blog is just right for you.
GoldberryCo represented by an image from the company's website

GoldberryCo Review: A Trading Platform Built for Beginners

GoldberryCo is a trading platform that stands out from the rest by offering an ideal variety of advantages. This makes GoldberryCo an excellent option for first-time traders. This article investigates three primary reasons why GoldberryCo is a perfect trading platform for beginners.
trading career represented by two men shaking hands at a business desk with open laptop and tablet, both displaying trading charts

How to Get Financial Support for Your Trading Career

Are you planning to establish a trading career? The tips in this blog post will help you get funding from an established company.
influencer represented by a woman's hand on a laptop keyboard while she holds a smartphone in her other hand

Which Type of Influencer Is Best Suited to Your Brand?

Read the article here to learn about influencer marketing strategies, types of influencers, and those who are best suited to your brand’s marketing goals.
debt and inflation represented by cash register tape and some groceries on a counter

How to Manage Debt When Inflation Is Rising

In the past year or so, the cost of living has risen significantly due to inflation. In this article, learn how to manage debt when inflation is rising.
Employee Training Software: Don't Overlook Its Benefits

Employee Training Software: Don’t Overlook Its Benefits

If you invest in employee training software, not only will you expand and enhance your employees’ skill sets, you will also enjoy a boost in performance and efficiency in your business.
wrongful termination represented by a young woman staring mournfully at a laptop screen

Wrongful Termination: Were You Let Go Illegally?

Have you ever been fired from a job and felt your employer’s action was unjustified? Certain laws protect employees in the workplace. You must know your rights in case of wrongful termination. Business owners should read this as a cautionary tale.
a business employee working remotely

How to Secure Your Network for Employees Working Remotely

Remote work is not going away anytime soon. A recent survey by Gallup shows that 8 in 10 people are working remotely or hybrid. Here's a look into remote work security, the risks your business faces, and how you can ensure your remote workforce is secure.
8 Ways to Simplify Your Next Construction Project - represented by a person wearing a neon green safety vest and holding a white hard hat

8 Ways to Simplify Your Next Construction Project

Staying on schedule is one of the most important responsibilities any construction project manager has. It’s also often one of the most challenging accountabilities you face. Consider the following eight tips to work more efficiently and streamline the construction process.