Sell Your Know How

Since free information is abundant, finding a way to sell knowledge or monetize content can be a challenge, reports trendspotter Springwise. Los Angeles start-up Knowledge Genie aims to offer a solution, allowing users to centralize their knowledge on a particular topic and present it in a customizable, tutorial-style package–a ‘Knowledge Genie’–that can be shared for

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The Cuban Internet

Only about 2% of Cubans can get online (although that could change thanks to the recent arrival of a fibre-optic cable from compañero Chávez in Venezuela), but it doesn’t matter. You don’t need the internet to get Radio Bemba. The news may be a little stale by the time you read it, but it gets

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Internet Company to Get You Offline

Forbes: Uniiverse co-founder and CEO, Craig Follett, wants to get you off of your computer and out into the real world. The new internet company he co-founded isn’t a traditional social-networking site. Rather, it’s a sort of vessel for people who want to participate in the “sharing economy” where peer-to-peer interactions rule the roost. To

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Niche Biz: Managing Loyalty Perks

Springwise: Loyalty programs have been around for years–as evidenced by the mass of cards weighing down many consumers’ wallets–but the difficulty of keeping track of them all can mean that consumers often don’t reap the rewards they’re entitled to. Enter Perkler, an Australian site that just entered beta for the sole purpose of helping consumers

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