Alternatives To Bank Loans

photo credit: Omar Omar In today’s economy businesses, especially small businesses, need lending and it’s no surprise that banks are still leery of lending out huge sums of money to businesses on the off chance that they go under. I recently came across a great article located on Open Forum that offers some great alternatives to

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Anyone Can Be A Millionaire!

Who wants to be a millionaire… for under $200? Come on, even your mom could afford that. Business Pundit suggests a trip to the following places… 10. Zambia 9. Paraguay 8. Guinea 7. Laos 6. Indonesia 5. Iran 4. Turkmenistan 3. Sao Tome & Principe 2. Vietnam 1. Somalia Photo by Zambia/Paraguay.

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How To Save Money In Biz

The hard hits our economy has taken over the past two years have left many businesses looking for ways to cut costs and save money without cutting employees reports 1. Renegotiate Contracts 2. Credit Card Terms 3. Bank Charges 4. Time Your Payments 5. Property Taxes 6. Become Energy Efficient 7. Pay Off Higher

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U.S. Companies Holding More Cash

U.S. companies hurt by the global credit crisis are continuing to hold more cash, even as the economy begins to show signs of improvement, The Wall Street Journal said, citing its analysis of company filings. In the second quarter, the 500 largest non-financial U.S. companies by total assets held about $994 billion in cash and

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Digital Panhandling

In the two years since he lost his job as a cook, Kevin Boudreau has learned the subtle art of how to ask strangers for money. But now, with winter approaching and an aversion to shelters, the homeless man with the grizzled goatee and skull tattoos covering both arms needs more than spare change reports

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