Sharing the Game with Others

David St Lawrence: This is sort of an advanced concept for some people. They may have such difficulty staying ahead of the game themselves, that they find it hard to conceive of sharing the best bits of their business with others. Others I have known were able to share their game without losing control of

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A Simple Idea for 411

Atmaspheric | Endeavors: “Instead of just offering an option to have the number dialed, why not send the information as an SMS or even an email with vcard so you could save it for future calling from your phone/device. Landline calling would require a simple registration to identify where you want the information sent. I’d

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Rustle or Jingle

Chad Everett: It costs 4.2 cents to produce a dollar bill. That dollar bill lasts for 18 to 22 months. Meanwhile, it costs 12 cents to produce a Sacagawea Dollar – but the coins last for thirty years. The cost of keeping a dollar bill around for thirty years is somewhere between 69 and 84

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Libertarian and Justice For All

Fortune Small Business: “If you want to become a florist in Louisiana, a state law requires you to take a licensing exam. Your flowers are evaluated by licensed florists on subjective criteria such as whether they are ‘spaced effectively’ and have the ‘proper focal point.’ More than half of the applicants fail. Do unlicensed florists

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Who’s Afraid of Cheap Imports

Robert Murphy: “I personally like to use a reductio ad absurdum when it comes to international trade, and the widespread fear of ‘cheap imports.’ When arguing with someone along these lines, I first ask, ‘So are you saying that it would it be better for the US if foreigners shipped us expensive imports?’ This usually

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Bullseye on CNBC

Todd recommends Bullseye on CNBC: I want to give a recommendation out to Bullseye, a CNBC program that runs from 6pm to 7pmET. It is hosted by Dylan Ratigan, who gives the program a distinct personality. I think he asks great questions and gets to the point quickly with his interviews. The segments are also

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