Biz Predictions For 2010

Newsweek put together a list of business predictions for 2010. 10. The New York Times Charges for Web Content 9. Comcast Will Fire Jeff Zucker 8. Boeing Will Soar 7. Unemployment Drops Below 9 Percent 6. Derivatives Remain Largely Opaque 5. Cap and Trade Won’t Pass (But It Won’t Matter) 4. AIG Will Be Downsized

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Tech Predictions For 2010

Newsweek has put together a list of 10 predictions for the tech sector in 2010. 10. Google Faces Antitrust Suit 9. Microsoft Pushes Out Steve Ballmer 8. Twitter Use Flatlines 7. Facebook Goes Public 6. Your Phone Replaces Your Wallet 5. Movie Downloads Stall Blu-ray 4. Starbucks Will Stalk You 3. Malware Disrupts Facebook 2.

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Facing Extinction

  photo credit: kekremsi In business we try everything within our means to stay above water, keep the money coming in, and keep our doors open but sometimes there are unforeseeable circumstances that become greater than our means to make it through. I ran across an article posted on AOL Small Business that I found to

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Writing A Business Plan

photo credit: wannes deprez / ony one Is having a business plan important, yes it is very important, but is it so important that you have to stress yourself out to the point of needing a sedative, not it’s not. Many are intimidated by having to write a business plan, this should not be the

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Is Self-Employment Falling?

photo credit: A recent study was posted on Small Business Labs pertaining to the fact that Entrepreneurship may be decreasing. However, I would have to disagree with this study given the fact that there have been so many reports recently on new franchises, now being the best time to start a business, many people being

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Our Future With Our New President

photo credit: Tony the Misfit I’m sure that everyone is wondering what is going to happen to the economy, jobs and most importantly…their business now that President Obama is in office. What does the new president administration hold for our future? With president Obama appointing Karen Mill’s to head up the SBA…quite a few thing’s

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Three M’s of an Idea

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography Evaluating a business idea’s “3 M’s” is a good way to quickly separate the good ideas from the bad. Ask yourself these three questions about each of your ideas: 1. Is there a market? The first step is to determine if there are enough customers willing to buy your product

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2009 Web Predictions

Website Magazine: 2008 has drawn to a close, and many Web professionals are wondering what next year will bring. It may seem arbitrary to make predictions, but the Web business is not a static industry and forecasting often shines the light on our practical hopes for the future. 1. A Major Social Media Shift 2.

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