Niche Biz: Free Textbooks

MIT Technology Review: Ask Ariel Diaz why he’s taking on the college textbook industry and he’ll tell you, “Quaternions.” Quaternions are a number system used for calculating three-dimensional motion, popular in computer graphics. And Diaz needed a crash course to help him with a consulting gig after his online video platform startup, Youcastr, had failed. […]

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Rethinking School Photos

Let’s face it, school portraits are boring. Flat and dull. The WSJ has taken a a look at the industry and discovered some new companies trying to revitalize it. Kelsey and Dennis Kleiman of Brooklyn, N.Y., were underwhelmed by their daughter’s school pictures. So Mr. Kleiman, a professional photographer, volunteered to take less-stilted portraits of

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Making Money from Truancy

Truancy costs school districts as much as $50 per day per student. Two California high school students realized that offering a service to combat it was a huge opportunity. The NY Times has more: Zak Kukoff, 16, and Jonathan Yan, 18, classmates, started TruantToday after Mr. Kukoff skipped a 7 a.m. honors geometry class at

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Advertising on School Buses

Fox News: In an effort to close widening budget deficits, states throughout the country are slashing funding to education, leaving school districts looking for ways to beef up revenue, and some have gone as far as to sell ad space on school busses. Cash-strapped school districts say it’s the only way to cover expenses during

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