Head Shaving Helmet

Do you like the totally bald look? Do you hate spending the time to shave your head? This head shaving helmet might be just want you’re looking for. The helmet sprays the head with shaving cream and then four razors move back and forth across your head for about twenty seconds. At the end, you

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Christmas Freak Out Pays Off

Sometimes it pays to freak out. An Ohio boy’s over-the-top reaction after receiving a Wii game system for Christmas three years ago has turned into a tidy little side business says the Hamilton Journal News. Since the boy’s father posted the reaction video on YouTube three years ago, he’s made almost $5000 in royalties. The

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Learn To Make Video Games

Sure, you love video games, but how’d you like a chance to make them? According to, training site GameSpark has launched a new online program that lets video game fans make their own games at home. The program features video tutorials and game-ready resources, letting anyone quickly create decent-looking games. The site currently has

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