January 2010

Arbonne Proves Recession Resistant

The Suburbanite: Three local business owners credit their products, their service and networking with the local chamber of commerce as key factors to recession-proof businesses. “In January, I’ll be awarded a car,” said Tijana Zelich, area manager for Arbonne International, a leader in natural skin care that’s safe for skin. “I was never a girlie-girl,”

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Writing Lessons For Moms

Kelowna.com: What is your business? I teach a series of writing classes and workshops to moms who want to write down their stories of motherhood, before they forget. The classes are aimed at moms of all ages and stages, and are for moms who want to write just for themselves or for those who want

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Buzzwords Of 2009

Catchphrases and buzzwords can tell us much about a year past – what resonated, what stuck, what the year revealed about the sensibility of the nation, whether you’re a wise Latina woman, a mini-Madoff, a teabagger or Balloon Boy, reports The New York Times. But if ever there were a year to put buzzwords before

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