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Industrialists Advised On Product Branding

New Vision: Manufacturers should build strong product brands if they want to benefit from franchising, a senior local investor has said. Amos Nzeyi, the Crown...

Retail Franchises Advised To Take Action On Costs Now

Franchising.net.au: Retail franchisees need to look at ways to reduce costs to get their 2011 trading off to the best possible start, following a subdued...
david malcolm - featured image

David Malcolm Understands What Makes a Successful Company

David Malcom, San Diego entrepreneur, understands what makes a successful company. Good companies establish themselves with foundational building blocks that create a mission, vision, and quality culture within the organization.
Fear and Greed

Managing Fear and Greed When You Invest in Cryptocurrency

In the world of finance, human emotion also has its own place. There is the so-called market psychology that deals with the underlying reasons why consumers tend to act in a certain way. Learn about the importance of managing fear and greed when investing in crypto.
Business Lessons You Can Learn from Roulette

4 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Playing Roulette

What can you learn about entrepreneurship from playing roulette? In this post we list some of the business lessons you can learn from a game of roulette.
new variant - featured image

New COVID-19 Variant Sparks Brand New Supply Chain Concerns

Thanks to the latest COVID-19 variant, new worries about already-crippling supply chain issues have businesses big and small scrambling. What will this mean for your business?
Job Injuries

On-the-Job Injuries: What You Need to Know for Your Business

Unfortunately, employees can be injured on the job, especially if they have a dangerous occupation. However, here's what you need to know about job injuries to protect your business and empower your employees.
online promotion - featured image

Why Are Smart Brands Spending More on Online Promotion?

During difficult economic times, many small brands cut back on their marketing budgets to save money. Ill-advisedly, as it turns out, as this can be the exact opposite of what they need to do to survive. Smart brands, on the other hand, are turning to online promotion.
Financial Plan

2021 Financial Plan: 5 Essentials You Must Include

In order to build a successful business, entrepreneurs must ensure they are financially capable to do so. Here are five essentials for you to include in your financial plan in 2021.
ecommerce shop

How You Can Ensure Success from an eCommerce Shop

There has never been a better opportunity to start an eCommerce shop than right now. Your potential customers are stuck at home, ready and waiting for your store to open up. To ensure success, however, pay attention to the points in this article.
high-risk merchant

High-Risk Merchant: Get Your Accounts in Order

High-risk businesses have a more difficult time finding funding and building their brand, as financial institutions hesitate to do business with them. Therefore, an appropriate business account is essential.
photo shoot

How to Prepare for a Business Photo Shoot

Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out? Then hire a good professional photographer to do a photo shoot for your business. Moreover, make that investment pay off by taking care of the finer details ahead of time. In this post, we share some tips about how to do that.
Ensenada - featured image

Ensenada: Your Relaxing Getaway in Baja California

Has running your business over the holidays left you feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted? Maybe what you need is a sunny and relaxing weekend getaway. Do we ever have the spot for you! Ensenada, Mexico, the city seat of Baja California, has it all.
lift tables - featured image

Boost Workplace Safety with Customized Lift Tables

There are safety features that aren’t inherent in most lift tables. Here are some of the top safety features you should consider asking your manufacturer for. This will create a safer working environment for your employees.
cctv cameras - featured image

The Dos and Don’ts of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are arguably essential to all kinds of businesses these days. However, if you want to use CCTV cameras effectively you must know how to use them properly. To help you with that we’ve compiled some important dos and don’ts.
hurt at work - featured image

What to Do If an Employee Gets Hurt at Work

If one of your employees should get hurt at work would you know what to do? In this post, we explore some of your options.
Legal Documents - featured image

Essential Legal Documents for Your Business

These useful tips are worth going over for any new business owner looking to find out which legal documents apply to them.

Use LinkedIn to Get More Customers

Are you using LinkedIn to generate sales? You should. When you use LinkedIn effectively, even your second- and third-level connections become prospective customers.

Workplace Vaping: What Should Business Owners Keep in Mind?

As vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking, more and more people have taken up the habit. This means that some employees may wish to vape during their work hours. However, as a business owner, you must consider a few issues that can result from workplace vaping. In the UK, Public Health England (PHE) has created a simple framework for advising organizations about workplace vaping. Whether your business is in the UK or elsewhere, this may help you with developing vaping policies for your workplace.
van rental service

10 Valuable Things to Consider Before Choosing a Van Rental Service

Whether you need a van for business or for pleasure, it's not easy to choose a transport van rental service. There are so many variables involved. What's more, there are so many companies, all with different offerings. To help you in your quest, here is a list of 10 things to consider before choosing a transport van rental service.