Building A Cupcake Empire

On a recent Tuesday morning, Lev Ekster paced around his future storefront in Manhattan’s newly opened Limelight Marketplace. He adjusted the 1960s kitchen-kitsch inspired décor and awaited the delivery of a cupcake display case. According to, it would be the first non-mobile location of CupcakeStop, the gourmet cupcake truck he debuted on the New […]

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Recipe For Sizzling Growth

The Miami Herald reports that Zalmi Duchman never went to college, financed his business on his credit card, and can’t even taste the food his company delivers, because he keeps kosher. But with an unstoppable drive to succeed, the 30-year-old founder and chief executive of the Fresh Diet has spearheaded the North Miami-based company’s growth

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The Unlikeliest Franchisee

If you’ve been to Times Square in New York, you might have noticed an Old West-style showdown going on. On one side: The Naked Cowboy, aka Robert Burck, who has been a mainstay on the square since he started strumming his guitar in the (near) buff in 1997. On the other: Sandy Kane, a former

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How I Saved My Company

Mile Meter likes to think of itself as the “anti-insurance insurance company.” It sells auto insurance by the mile – which means that the less you drive, the less you pay for insurance. See how Chris Gay, founder and chief executive, managed to keep the company alive. Video via New York Times ‘You’re the Boss’

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The Ice Cream Kid

According to the New York Daily News, Beck Johnson had a business plan, his startup funding a dream of opening an ice cream stand, but first he needed a variance from the Sunapee zoning board to open in a residential zone. He admits being a bit “freaked out” before his presentation, but ultimately got the

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Financing A Biz With Cheese?

Like a lot of small business owners in early 2009, Ruth Klahsen found herself desperately seeking capital and finding nothing but refusal everywhere she looked. Until, that is, the Ontario cheese maker hit upon the idea of asking her customers to help finance a $1 million new dairy, reports AOL Small Business. Abandoning the search

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