Newly Graduated College Students

photo credit: chispita_666 Parents of recent college grads are concerned about how recent their children will find a job in this economy. Pamela Slim on Escape From Cubicle Nation has some very interesting thoughts on graduating in this economy that I couldn’t agree with more. The first thing to remember is that there is no […]

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The Doughnut King of Texas

Inc.: Some college students schedule classes so they can sleep in as late as possible, but not Danny Klam. The University of Houston senior, who is double-majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing, often begins his day at 3 a.m., opening one of the three Simply Splendid Donuts and Ice Cream stores he owns. They all sell

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Smells Like Team Spirit

Inc.: Like many of his classmates, University of Southern California senior David Wachtel is crazy about college football and will follow the Trojans nearly anywhere. The only thing that dampens his enthusiasm for away games is the cost. He saw students paying exorbitant amounts of money for, say, a trip from Los Angeles to the

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Saying All the Right Things

Inc.: The idea for Lingt Language came to MIT seniors Scot Frank and Chris Varenhorst while they were sitting in Chinese class. The students, who were preparing for trips abroad as part of the MIT-China program, found that their professors had little problem teaching the written language but, with 30 to 40 students in a

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Is College A Good Investment?

photo credit: Josiah Mackenzie I never thought I’d see something like this, especially from an Ivy League university like Harvard: The fact is, the old-fashioned model of post-secondary education in the U.S. is pretty much broken. Instead of preparing students for real-life, three-squares-and-a roof-over-your-head jobs, too many colleges charge massive tuition fees to impart the

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Who Owns Your Great Idea?

The New York Times: Peter Zummo, a senior double-majoring in design and mechanical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, is used to explaining the products he thinks up for his studio-class assignments. But last spring, he found himself answering questions of a different kind in a conference room at Rensselaer’s office of technology commercialization, which tracks

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