Print Your Own Silver Jewelry

VentrureBeat reports that Shapeways allows users to design and print objects using a 3D printer. The company just added silver to its range of materials. Objects could previously be printed in glass, steel, plastic and a high-performance composite that hardens like a cement to produce full-color objects. To print an object, users either use 3D

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The Keyboard Made Of Glass

Don’t get too comfortable with the keys you click while typing on your computer. Soon that keyboard you’re using may be made of touch-sensitive glass. The same can be said about your computer mouse, too. Giddings is president and CEO of Giddings Product Development. His team is in the process of developing the first batch

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Niche Biz: Tablets for Kids

Inc.: While a new tablet launch isn’t breaking news anymore, there’s one that’s unlike any other yet to be released—it’s a full-fledged mobile computing device for kids ages three to 10 that lets them play educational games, watch videos from providers such as PBS and National Geographic for Kids, as well as engage in social

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Teen Builds Homemade Computer

Tecca: [Jack Eisenmann] built an 8-bit computer out of microchips, a plastic Tupperware case, and tons of wires. Eisenmann’s computer, which he is calling the DUO Adept, runs a small operating system he coded himself. … He made it so he can play the classic game Pong, as well as a side-scrolling adventure game he

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Lighting Up Computer Keyboards

All Clinton Fleenor wanted to do was light up his computer keyboard. He never could have expected his idea to be picked up by Quirky and showcased on the Home Shopping Network. However, that is exactly what has happened, reports Richmond Times-Dispatch. The result is the Mantis, a battery-powered clip-on light that can be used

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