Hands-Free eBook Reading

Between ebooks and ipads, these are the devices that people are asking for this holiday season. Jerry Hagan hopes that people will also consider his product to be a necessary future accessory reports Coloradoan.com. Hagan designed two separate products: the Xero-g and the cradler. The Xero-g, named after zero gravity, is a 5-foot metal stand […]

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“The New York Times” To Launch Bestseller Lists For E-Books

The New York Times announced that it will begin publishing bestseller lists for e-book fiction and nonfiction in early 2011. According to Mashable.com, the Times’s bestseller lists, established in 1935, are arguably the definitive metric for success in the book publishing world. The addition of two new lists for e-books points to the growing importance

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The iPad Book Publishing Secret

According to VentureBeat, aspiring book authors face two hurdles: Rejection from publishers, and the high cost and hassle of trying to publish a book themselves. Self-publication company FastPencil has come up with a clever new option: Authors who sign up with FastPencil can now publish their books directly into Apple’s iBooks catalog. No permission required,”

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Convert PDF Files To iPad

If you sell or give away PDF ebooks, you’ll want to check out Ross McKillop’s tutorial over at Simple Help. It will guide you through the process of converting PDF files so that they can be read in iBooks, the iPad application. iBooks uses an ebook format called ePub. Using a free converter application (and

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Biz Poll: eBook Prices

On Monday, we asked readers how much they would be willing to pay for a bestseller quality ebook. 34 percent of those responding said they liked the $9.99 price point. 27 percent said they would pay $4.99 and 23 percent said they wanted something less that $4.99. Thanks to all those that participated. CNet’s David

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