The Vending Machine That Uses (Almost) No Power Called the ‘A011 Peak Shift’, the vending machine cools products only during the night instead of the daytime—to take advantage of the surplus power capacity at night. The machine is also made with airtight doors and insulation materials, to prevent cold air from escaping and reduce the impact of outside temperature. Currently, the machines […]

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Vietnam’s Entrepreneurs

Oman Daily Observer: Internet entrepreneur Thao Phuong earns twice as much money each month selling tropical fruit online to Hanoi housewives as she does from her day job working at a local post office. The 28-year-old buys fruit such as pomelo, oranges and durian direct from farmers, markets it in Vietnamese-language online forums, and delivers

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Zimbabwe Needs Its Own SBA “Capital is a key ingredient and major handicap to entrepreneurship ventures. Government’s recent downward economic growth revision has also exacerbated the situation as funding constraints continue to prevail,” said Jongwe. “The solution lies in government facilitation of entrepreneurship ventures through Sedco (Small Enterprise Development Corporation), which can underwrite risk associated with entrepreneurship.” Jongwe said

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