Do You Need Investors?

There seems to be a common mindset among many entrepreneurs. If they are starting a business, they often find investors to help fund the launch. However, a recent article from Forbes argues that most entrepreneurs don’t really need an investor. All they really need is a little old fashioned bootstrapping. However, you might eventually need […]

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Pitch Your Biz For Free

For startups that aren’t interested in paying to pitch their business to angel investors there are some free services popping up that might help reports The Wall Street Journal. Earlier this year, Internet entrepreneur and blogger Jason Calacanis started Open Angel Forum, which holds free pitch events in various cities where entrepreneurs selected from a

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Where To Find Money For Your Start-up

photo credit: h.koppdelaney Research shows that over 90 percent of new ventures start with whatever money entrepreneurs can scrounge from personal resources. The other 10 percent relied on external sources with family members (parents and spouse) as the most common (5.0 percent). Private investors fund less than 3 percent of start ups. Venture capitalists

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Would New Law Hamper Startup Fundraising?

According to, the U.S.’s proposed Financial Reform bill could place some pretty tough constraints on angel investors, possibly upsetting the balance of early-stage venture capital for tech startups. A report got into the nitty-gritty details of the massive bill and uncovered some stipulations that would definitely affect the early-stage investment market, possibly making raising

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How to Pick an Investor

Matt Mireles the founder of SpeakerText has defined his formula for choosing an investor: Pitching your startup to investors is a deeply personal matter. More often than not, they——politely or not——call your baby ugly. And that hurts. Good founders, I think, learn to not take the criticism too personally. But in the end, it is

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