What’s Your Heritage?

Although it’s nice to know where your ancestors originate, it’s not always fun trying to teach that piece of family history to your child. Instead of sitting down with a complicated list of things you want them to know, next time just buy the My Heritage Book. Deanna Bufo Novak always held a special place […]

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Summer Camp for Detectives

Summer camps aren’t just for archery and basket weaving anymore. The newest camps are borrowing from the latest television shows and replacing swimming and capture the flag with crime solving. The Wall Street Journal has more: On a summer morning in southern New Jersey, a team of crime-scene investigators gathered around a body lying face-down

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Skating On Carpet

For Don Edwards, it began with a need to move furniture on carpet with ease. In 1993, he designed a product called EZ Moves Furniture Slides. When placed under the edges of a couch or chair, it could move around a carpeted room with ease. What came next he never expected, reports Your Norwin. Edwards

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What Are Your Kids Doing Today?

While your kids are making popsicle art, these kids made viable inventions, reports US News. Many of them aren’t even teenagers yet, but their inventions could cause big changes—the Connecticut team designed a “Smart Sticker” that turns from green to red if a food container isn’t properly refrigerated, while the Ohio team created an erasable

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